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Jawa Anniversary Edition immediate delivery – But there is a catch

Jawa anniversary edition

To commemorate 1 year of its existence in India, Classic Legends has announced the launch of Jawa Anniversary Edition. This is a very exclusive motorcycle. Yes, any Jawa is exclusive, considering the slow delivery. But, this one claims to be even more exclusive.

Unlike other Jawa motorcycles, where you have to wait up to 10 months to get delivery, for this Jawa Edition, you will not have to wait. Jawa has emphasised that the Anniversary edition is available for immediate delivery. But, there is a small catch.

Not all can buy Jawa anniversary edition. Only those who own a Jawa already, can buy the Jawa Anniversary Edition. This is a similar scheme which Skoda offers for their Corporate Editions.

Jawa anniversary edition

Considering there are lower number of Jawa owners who have the bike in possession, as majority are still waiting for getting a delivery – the company has also allowed those who have a booking number of a Jawa motorcycle to purchase the Anniversary edition Jawa.

Not only that, even those who don’t have a Jawa booking number, can stand a chance to buy this anniversary edition. Jawa has said that all those individuals who have a valid booking made before midnight of 22nd of October, 2019; will be eligible to purchase this new Jawa edition. This will probably ensure that Jawa manages to collect even more booking numbers. Each booking costs Rs 5,000.

It is not clear as to how Jawa will sort allocation of this new edition. Most likely it will be a lucky draw. Only 90 units of Jawa special edition are going to be on offer. Technically, the Jawa Anniversary Edition will be your 2nd Jawa.

But, considering that Jawa says Anniversary Edition will be delivered on immediate basis, what happens in a case where the selected owner gets delivery of Anniversary Edition Jawa before the regular Jawa. And when the time comes for this owner to buy the regular Jawa, what happens if he or she does not buy the regular Jawa?

Anniversary Edition Jawa delivery might upset those Jawa owners who are still waiting to get delivery for their motorcycle. Lucky owners will probably get delivery of Jawa Anniversary edition before those who have been waiting for months to take home a Jawa. Not only Anniversary Edition Jawa owners will not have to wait for delivery, they will also get bragging rights of an exclusive edition Jawa.

Speaking about the Anniversary Edition Jawa, instead of the chrome on the fuel tank, it gets a white colour. There is a 90th anniversary logo as well on the fuel tank. Engine remains same. The Anniversary Edition will be powered by the same 297cc, single cylinder, DOHC engine offering 27 bhp power and 28 Nm torque mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. Price of Jawa Anniversary edition has not been revealed.

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