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Jawa BS6 deliveries start, Silencer design changed – First look video

Jawa BS6 has been launched with changes in power figures, weight as well as design

With the lockdown easing in India, car and bike brands are re-opening their showrooms, as well as launching new products. Jawa had announced the price of BS6 Jawa as well as BS6 Jawa 42 back in March, just before the lockdown.

Now, BS6 Jawa and Jawa 42 BS6 have arrived at select Jawa dealerships across India. Price of the Jawa BS6 starts from Rs 1.73 lakhs for single ABS and Rs 1.82 lakhs for the dual ABS. BS6 Jawa 42 single ABS price starts from Rs 1.6 lakhs and goes to Rs 1.69 lakhs for the dual ABS setup. All prices are ex-sh.

Colour options, overall design remains same as before, except for one major change. The design of Jawa silencer, which gave the motorcycle its unique look, has been drastically changed. The dual silencer system remains, but gone is the setup where the entire exhaust system was finished in chrome – which was the beauty of Jawa, and what connected the modern day Jawa to the classic Jawa from the 1950s.

BS6 Jawa 42
BS6 Jawa 42. Image – Enjoyker Sumit

Jawa seems to have made this design change in order to make the bike compatible with BS6 norms. Jawa silencer now employs a small additional catalytic converter chamber on the exhaust downtube for better treatment of exhaust gas. However, in this case, addition of the new component increases the overall length of the exhaust system and Jawa tackled this problem by criss-crossing the downtubes like shoelaces.

The left one passes down the engine and emerges on the right side and vice-versa. This way, the additional length has been accommodated without making the exhaust tips protrude at the rear. First look video from a BS6 Jawa motorcycle can be seen below, credit to Youtube channel Enjoyker Sumit.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the new setup probably increases the chances of puncturing exhaust pipe. Already owners were complaining about low ground clearance, and with this new silencer setup in BS6 Jawa, the chances of scrapping the silencer pipe while riding, are even higher.

In addition to the design change incorporated by Jawa BS6 motorcycles, they have also become heavier and less powerful, when compared to their BS4 variants. BS6 Jawas are 2 kgs heavier, and now weigh 172 kgs, kerb wt. The Mahindra Mojo derived single cylinder 295cc engine delivers 26.51 PS and 27.05 Nm in its BS6 avatar. In the BS4 format, this engine delivered 27 PS and 28 Nm.

Jawa has updated the prices and specs on their official website. But they continue to display images of the discontinued BS4 variants.

BS4 Jawa
Discontinued BS4 Jawa silencer design

BS6 Jawa – Price List

BS6 Jawa 42Single ABS PriceDual ABS Price
Haley’s Teal1,60,3001,69,242
Comet Red1,60,3001,69,242
Galactic Green1,60,3001,69,242
Nebula Blue1,60,3001,69,242
Lumos Lime1,60,3001,69,242
Starlight Blue1,60,3001,69,242
BS6 JawaSingle ABS PriceDual ABS Price
Jawa BS6 deliveries
Jawa BS6 deliveries same day.

Launched towards the end of 2018, Jawa has never revealed their sales numbers, nor have they revealed their booking numbers. But they maintained that their bikes are in huge demand and come with long waiting period. Waiting periods were high in the initial months, but now the story has changed drastically. There are now buyers who are claiming that Jawa bikes no longer carry any waiting period. Some even claim that they are getting delivery of BS6 Jawa motorcycles on the same day they book.

Update 16th June – Jawa has added new images of the BS6 variants, which now come with chrome cover on the silencer. Below are the latest images.
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