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Jawa Classic Matte Black Colour Inspired By Perak – Offered At Authorized Dealer

Jawa Classic Matte Black
Jawa Classic Matte Black. Credit – Jawa Surat / Agozee Kustoms

Jawa is no doubt a beautiful classic worth admiring at, but colour options are fairly limited

For most people buying Jawa, the choice would be either Black or Maroon. There’s a Grey option as well, but that colour theme may not appeal to everyone. In comparison, Jawa forty two offers lot more colour options such as Nebula Blue (Glossy), Comet Red (Glossy), Starlight Blue (Matte), Lumos Lime (Matte), Halley’s Teal (Matte) and Galactic Green (Matte).

It’s always possible that a customer wants the standard Jawa, but doesn’t like the available stock colours. In this situation, the right thing to do would be to approach a customization shop. This way, the customer can have their preferred ride in the colour of their own choosing.

A recent example comes from Surat based agozee_kustoms that has carried out a seamless transformation of Jawa in Matte Black colour. This customization job is done for Seema Bikes, which is the authorized dealer of Jawa India. Cost of the modification is Rs 15,000 – above the cost of the motorcycle.

Jawa Matte Black key details

The bike gets Matte Black shade all around. It covers the headlight, front and rear fenders, rear view mirrors, fuel tank, radiator, front suspension, and side panels. Engine, spoke wheels and exhaust have also been blacked out. The only metallic bits that are left can be seen on the headlight ring, turn indicators, rear suspension and kick-start lever.

Jawa Classic Matte Black
Jawa Classic Matte Black. Credit – Jawa Surat / Agozee Kustoms

The golden pinstriping has been retained in largely the same format as is available with the stock variant. This is an integral design element that gives the bike its retro flavour. The golden pinstriping can be seen on the headlight cowl, front and rear fenders, fuel tank and side panels.

Jawa Classic Matte Black
Jawa Classic Matte Black

If we compare the customized Matte Black with stock Black colour, the latter can be seen with liberal use of metallic bits. Components like the front suspension, fuel tank, engine, exhaust, rear suspension and spoke wheels wear a metallic shade. For folks with relatively sober colour preferences, the customized Matte Black shade could be an ideal choice.

Factory finish

A notable aspect of this customization project is that the workmanship is truly outstanding. The Matte Black shade looks even all across and other finer details have been executed with perfection.

The bike’s design and Matte Black shade have turned out to be a perfect match. It’s something that the company can consider launching as a new shade for Jawa and Jawa forty two. Something similar is already offered with Jawa Perak.

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