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Jawa motorcycle with 500 kms on odo – Up for sale on OLX at Rs 2.12 L

If you are of the opinion that waiting for your Jawa motorcycle any longer isn’t for you, there’s a solution. OLX. Listed as ‘Absolutely New JAWA CLASSIC WHITE (Grey) for Sale’, this one has 500 kms on the odo as per the OP. To make it an attractive proposal, the seller straightaway highlights, ‘… No waiting for Months … ‘ This may not hold relevance for everyone but ask the people who have been waiting for over 6 months.

The OP does refer to his Jawa as a wonder machine – ‘Just get your bike and Start Riding a Wonder Machine …’ Unless you want to drag your bike halfway across the country, the bike would be most attractive to those in Gujarat. Not only does it have a Gujarat Registration, the OP has made the effort to get a VIP registration number. That could be attractive to someone who’s got a thing for VIP numbers. You actually have to pay a premium for something like that.

Other information shared by Jaideep include – Gujarat Registration (VIP Number), Loaded with all required accessories, All Papers Ready, Driven for only 500kms for Trial only, Full insurance for 5 years. Jaideep ends the description with this, “Be a Gentleman, Pls Do not Bargain !!! Also, more photos and Details available.”

Price quoted by Jaideep is Rs 2.12 lakhs, this is about the same price for a brand new Jawa off the showroom in Gujarat. Why would someone pay same amount for a used Jawa motorcycle? Will he find any buyers? Well, Jaideep’s phone has not stopped ringing since the time he has posted this ad. There’s been a number of folks who’ve shown their willingness to purchase the Jawa. You can take a look at Jaideep’s ad here.

So, how did we get here? No doubt Jawa has piqued much market interest. And many a buyer is still awaiting delivery, months after booking. Jawa has not shared details about how many bookings they have received, nor have they revealed how many bikes they have delivered till now.

Apart from their customer care help centre, Jawa customers are able to discuss matters pertaining to delivery on social media. Some owners have started using hashtags like #tiredofwaiting and #whereismyjawa

Some have even gone ahead and cancelled booking. Some are awaiting to get a refund of their booking amount. And some are questioning why cancellation charges are being applied.

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