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Jawa Motorcycles arrive in Bangalore – Same dealers as Mahindra

Following its re-entry in India, Jawa Motorcycles is busy inaugurating it’s own India dealerships this month. The company opened its first two dealerships in Pune last week, following which, they’re opening three dealerships at Bangalore today.

The first dealership that was opened today in Bangalore by Jawa, is Skanda Motors. This is the same dealer, who previously was Mahindra Two Wheelers dealer. The dealership is located at Rajaji Nagar.

Image – Naveen Arul / Auto Tech Review

The second dealership is located in Basavanagudi. It is the same dealer which was previously known as Synergy Mahindra, and dealt with Mahindra Two Wheelers scooters and motorcycles. The third dealer is located near Forum Mall and is known by the name of Square Auto. All three dealerships have new Jawa motorcycles on display and are open for bookings. Test rides too are available.

The need to open Jawa dealerships is important as that would give a larger number of potential customers the opportunity to test ride the bikes, and make up their mind. The lack of a dealership before launch hasn’t been a hindrance for the brand considering brand recall was something the company didn’t have to work particularly hard on. This means, potential customers went ahead with online bookings despite not having seen or risen a Jawa in its modern avatar.

Prominent Mahindra Two Wheeler dealers have been given Jawa dealerships as well.

Classic Legends Jawa Motorcycles showcased and re-launched its first bikes, Jawa and Jawa Forty Two motorcycles on November 15th. The two Pune outlets are the first among over 100 Jawa Motorcycles dealerships that the company will be setting up. At the time of launch the company had announced it would have dealerships ready in December, and going by current pace, it seems like a busy two months for the company.

In 2016, Mahindra Group sparked interest in Jawa, and this made way for Classic Legends to launch and market Jawa bikes in India, and other east Asian markets. Under the arrangement, Jawa bikes are being made at Mahindra Pithampur manufacturing plant.

At the time of launch, three Jawa motorcycles were showcased. Jawa (Classic) which retails for Rs 1.64 lakh, and Jawa Forty Two which retails for Rs 1.55 lakh. Jawa Perak with a retail price of Rs 1.89 lakh too was showcased but bookings and sales for it will be announced at a later date.

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