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Jawa Owner Test Rides Honda CB350 – Unlikely To Make A Switch

Honda CB350 vs Jawa
Honda CB350 and Jawa 42

Is the Jawa owner going to be impressed by the new Honda CB350

In a series of videos, YouTuber Abhinav Bhatt has tried to provide as much details as possible about the newly launched Honda CB350 aka the H’ness. It includes his own experiences of riding the motorcycle as well as feedback provided by owners of other motorcycle brands.

After getting his friend, an Interceptor 650 owner, to review CB350, Abhinav now has a Jawa owner talking about the pros and cons of Honda’s new bike. This review looks unbiased, as the Jawa owner is a complete stranger that Abhinav met randomly on the highway. While stopping a stranger on the highway seemed a bit odd, things worked out fine as the Jawa owner accepted the request to exchange bikes, drive it for a few kilometers and share their feedback with each other.

Jawa ride experience

From Abhinav’s experience of riding Jawa, the bike has a low seat height. This could ensure improved maneuverability, something that will come handy in city traffic conditions. Another thing is that Jawa has an aggressive riding stance, with the footpegs not as forward and relaxed as that of Honda CB350. Vibrations could also be felt from various contact points such as fuel tank, foot pegs and handle grip.

It is important to note that this is Jawa BS4 model, so things could have improved with the BS6 variant. In terms of performance, Jawa seemed to be a lot peppier. This is not surprising, as Jawa has best-in-class power output of 26 bhp. In comparison, Honda CB350 generates 21 bhp of max power.

Jawa owner’s review of Honda CB350

The Jawa owner had earlier owned Bajaj Pulsar 180 and he feels that the upgrade was worth it. He had purchased Jawa earlier this year and has been using it ever since the lockdown restrictions were lifted. Till now, he hasn’t faced any issues with the bike. However, he mentions that some Jawa owners have faced problems such as oil leaking from the engine head.

The biker told that he has replaced the original seat of Jawa, as it was quite hard. He also said that BS6 version of Jawa comes with improved seat cushioning. Jawa can effortlessly cruise at around 100 kmph and has a top speed of 140 kmph.

Based on his experience of riding Honda CB350 for a few kilometers, the biker said that he found the handles stiffer as compared to Jawa. According to him, it was similar to riding Royal Enfield Bullet. Another thing noted was that the rear view mirrors had good amount of vibration.

Rear brakes also fell short of his expectations even though front brakes were good enough. According to the Jawa owner, his motorcycle has much better braking as compared to CB350.

Overall, it seemed that the Jawa owner was pretty satisfied with his ride and is unlikely to think about switching to Honda CB350 or even Royal Enfield motorcycles. However, these are personal opinions, which could vary from individual to individual.

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