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Jawa sales target at 7,500 units a month for the first year

Mahindra has managed to bring the iconic Jawa brand back to life. Under the umbrella of their new company called Classic Legends, Mahindra will launch premium motorcycle brands. The first such brand is Jawa. Back in November 2018, in the presence of Mr Anand Mahindra, two new Jawa motorcycles were launched in India.

The date was 15th November 2018. On the same date, bookings were also opened. But as there were no dealerships, bookings were only accepted via their online site. Last month, Jawa opened 10 dealerships, 5 in Delhi NCR, 3 in Bangalore and 2 in Pune. They aim to open about 95 more dealers in India, by the end of March 2019.

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Anupam Thareja, Co-Founder of Classic Legends announced on 24th Dec that they were closing bookings of Jawa motorcycles via online mode. New bookings will only be accepted at dealerships. And even if you book now at dealer, delivery date is post Sep 2019. That’s a minimum of 9 month waiting period if you plan to buy a Jawa now.

For those who have booked Jawa in the period from 15th Nov to 25th Dec, deliveries will start from April 2019. The order or deliveries will be in the same order as booking done. Those who booked on 15th Nov, will get delivery first, those who booked on 16th Nov, will get delivery after that, and so on.

Jawa booking numbers are a secret as of now.

Though Jawa has revealed that they have received amazing response, they have not revealed booking numbers. Questions on booking numbers received, have not been answered. It is not clear as to why the booking numbers are not being announced in spite of having such an amazing response from fans and enthusiasts.

A report claims that Jawa is aiming to sell about 7,500 motorcycles in total, every month for the first year. This means, for the first year they aim to sell about 90,000 motorcycles (Jawa + Jawa 42 + Perak). This when compared to sales of their rival Royal Enfield, it is about 10 times lower. RE sells about 75k motorcycles every month.

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