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Jawa scam alert – Fake websites offer dealership in exchange of money

Jawa scam fake dealer

Launched in Nov 2018, Jawa Motorcycles demand has been huge. Not only are their motorcycles in demand, people are also interested in starting a dealership. Earlier Jawa reported more than a 100 dealerships are already operational, and there are more being inaugurated.

The most recent Jawa dealership was opened in Koregaon Park, Pune. Interest from folks to open dealerships is a positive trait, but it also has a downside. In the absence of due diligence, and pressure of hurried decisions, it’s possible that one would try and buy into the system when there’s the promise of a dealership at hand.

Jawa Motorcycles has now made a public announcement regarding an ongoing scam. It reads, fake websites and imposters are claiming to be authorized from Jawa (Classic Legends Private Limited) to offer authorized dealerships to people. Jawa has revealed that these people are approaching gullible enthusiasts who want to open Jawa dealerships, and asking for money in exchange of giving dealership license.

Jawa scam fake dealer
On their social media channels, as well as on their official website, Jawa Motorcycles has placed this notice – “It has come to our notice that some fraudulent/fake websites and imposters are claiming to be official representatives of Classic Legends Private Limited (“CLPL”) & JAWA Motorcycles.

These entities are approaching the public and offering them JAWA dealerships in exchange of money. Please beware of such fraudulent claims and stay financially safe. If you are interested in applying for our dealerships, please visit: https://www.jawamotorcycles.com/become-a-dealer/

Please note that we are taking necessary steps to stop such activities. Classic Legends Private Limited & JAWA Motorcycles takes no responsibility for acts and other fraudulent activities committed by such people and websites. If you’ve been approached, please mail the details to care@jawamotorcycles.com”

It is not clear how many people were susceptible to the scam of fake Jawa dealerships. At the time of launch, Jawa had revealed that to open a dealership, among other things, applicants were required to to pay a deposit of Rs 2 crore. Those who are keen on a Jawa dealership are requested to go via the right channel, and not fall for the scam that Jawa has alerted the public about.

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