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Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles Get Updated – New Tech, Low NVH, Price Hike

New Jawa 42 Bobber
New Jawa 42 Bobber

Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle prices have been hiked by 0.8-2 percent and Jawa range is priced from Rs 1.96 lakh while Yezdi range starts at Rs 2.09 lakh

It has been a busy few months for the Jawa Yezdi brand in 2023. It was in Jan 2023 that the company introduced new colour options wherein the Jawa 42 Sports Stripe received a metallic Cosmic Carbon while Yezdi Roadster got a glossy Crimson Dual Tone colour scheme. Earlier this month, Yezdi brand was launched in Nepal where its Roadster, Scrambler and Adventure motorcycles are priced at NPR 9.16 lakh, NPR 9.4 lakh and NPR 9.98 lakh respectively.

In a further update, the Jawa Yezdi motorcycle range has now been fitted with new age technologies and fitments that enhance rideability and improve engine performance. This is seen across portfolios thus taking the riding experience to the next level. These changes come in along with engine updates that now comply with new and more stringent BS-VI Phase 2 (OBD2) emission norms and are on sale across all company dealerships in the country.

Jawa Yezdi Feature and Engine Updates

Jawa range, which has the 42 Sports Stripe, 42 Bobber and Perak see their engine components tuned for better NVH levels which in turn keeps emissions under control. The engine has been fitted with a larger throttle body and exhaust ports. Jawa 42 gets a new assist and slip clutch along with a redesigned muffler for better exhaust note. It also receives new features such as revised hazard lamps and a new digital speedometer.

Yezdi Roadster, Scrambler and Adventure receive similar updates. They are now capable of improved NVH levels and ensure better rideability while low end performance is augmented via a larger sprocket at the rear. Redesigned mufflers ensure better exhaust note.

Jawa Yezdi prices May 2023
Jawa Yezdi prices May 2023

Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO – Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles said, “Right from the beginning, Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles has prioritized technology to offer the best performance and riding experience to its consumers. While the shift to OBD2 regulations was imminent, we also bundled a host of enhancements, some based on rider feedback, across our range of motorcycles. The new motorcycles offer a remarkable shift in everyday rideability, refinement and overall performance to our riders. The marginal hike in prices make them a great value proposition and a very compelling choice.”

Jawa Yezdi Price Hike

These changes and engine updates along with compliance to new emission standards have also resulted in a marginal price hike across Jawa Yezdi bikes by 0.8-2 percent or by Rs 2,000-6,000 as per make and model. Starting with the Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Orion Red, Sirius White), the new price is at Rs 1,96,142 as against an earlier price of Rs 1,94,142. Jawa 42 Dual Channel (Allstar Black) and Jawa 42 Bobber (Mystic Copper) are now priced at Rs 1,97,142 and Rs 2,12,500 respectively.

Jawa 42 Bobber (Moonstone White) and Jawa 42 Bobber (Jasper Red) are priced at Rs 2,13,500 and Rs 2,15,187 respectively. There is also the Jawa Perak in its lineup that was earlier priced at Rs 2,09,187, but with the price hike now carries a price tag of Rs 2,13,187.

The Yezdi range starts off with its Scrambler (Fire Orange) at Rs 2,09,900, while the other colour options of Bold Black, Yelling Yellow, Outlaw Olive are at Rs 2,11,900. Yezdi Roadster (Smoke Grey, Inferno Red, Glacial White) and Yezdi Roadster (Crimson Dual Tone) are at Rs 2,06,142 and Rs 2,08,829 respectively. Yezdi Adventure range is priced at Rs 2,15,900, Rs 2,19,900 and Rs 2,19,942 for the Slick Silver, Mambo Black and Whiteout colour schemes. These were earlier priced at Rs 2,12,900, Rs 2,14,900 and Rs 2,14,942 thus seeing a Rs 3,000-Rs 5,000 price hike.

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