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Jeep Compass delivery delayed by 4 months – Dealer to pay Rs 50k fine to owner

Car dealers across the country, usually do the delivery on promised time. But sometimes, they do default. There is nothing much one can do, if the dealer fails to deliver your car on promised date. You can either wait for a new delivery date, or go ahead and cancel the booking. None of them are pleasant options, especially if you have decided to purchase the said car.

Based in Orlim Goa, Tertuliano Darryl Gomes is a professional musician, who was in the market to buy a car which will suit his needs. After months of research, he decided on buying Jeep Compass SUV. He approached Quadros Motors Pvt Ltd, which is an authorized dealer of Jeep India. Apart from that, the company is also authorized dealer of Yamaha, Suzuki, Vespa, Aprilia, Fiat and Abarth.

On 8th Sep Mr Gomes paid booking amount of Rs 50,000 for his Jeep Compass. The dealer said delivery will be made within two weeks. But that did not happen. On the delivery date Mr Gomes was told that due to uncertain circumstances, delivery has been delayed by another two weeks.

The sales rep assured Mr Gomes that the delivery will now take place before 8th Oct. This is why Mr Gomes paid the remaining amount of Rs 17 lakhs to the dealership on 3rd October 2018. Excited to take delivery on 8th Oct, Mr Gomes was again told that delivery has been delayed. This continued for days. Finally, fed up of fake promises, Mr Gomes approached consumer court in Goa.

Mr Gomes was finally delivered his Jeep Compass on 6th Feb 2019, more than 4 months after the first delivery date he was promised by the dealer. In this period, he was regularly paying EMIs and the interest over a car which he had not received yet. Being a musician, he had chosen Jeep Compass for its huge boot space and luggage carrying capacity. Because of non-delivery, Mr Gomes had to hire cars to transport his instruments during music shows, which resulted in added loss.

After hearing the case, Consumer Court order Jeep India and its dealer Quadros Motors to pay Rs 50k as compensation to Mr Gomes. In addition to that, the two companies will also have to pay the interest amount for the period which the car was not delivered.

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