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Thieves In Hyundai Creta Steal Jeep Compass Parked On Roadside – CCTV Footage

Jeep Compass stolen
Thieves in action

Vehicle thefts have been a major issue in mega cities such as Delhi-NCR

In yet another instance that highlights the need for advanced car security systems, a Jeep Compass has been stolen quite effortlessly in Delhi. The SUV was parked right outside the owner’s home, but that did not unnerve the car thieves even a bit. The entire operation was completed in less than ten minutes, something that reveals that the thieves were hard-core criminals and not amateurs or first timers.

Lack of dedicated anti-theft system

The stolen Jeep Compass diesel was a 2017 model, which probably did not have dedicated anti-theft and vehicle tracking system. Current-generation Jeep Compass is far more advanced, as it comes with live GPS tracking. Jeep also offers stolen vehicle assist services, wherein users can make a phone call to remotely disable their stolen vehicle.

It appears that the car thieves were aware of the model year of the SUV and its safety and security capabilities. The gang first made a recce of the SUV and neighbouring area to understand the risks and available options.

Once sure that they can execute the theft, they came back to the SUV. A member of the gang tries picking up the door lock and he succeeds in around a minute or two. Take a look at the CCTV footage below.

It appears that the thief tried a couple of keys before he finally succeeded in opening the door. Once inside, the thief starts the engine and drives away. The calm demeanour of the thief indicates that he had done such things several times earlier. This could be a vital clue for the police to check for past offenders.

Use of premium cars for vehicle thefts

To avoid suspicion, car thieves nowadays prefer using high-end cars for their crimes. Even these are stolen cars in most cases. In this particular case, the thieves came in a Hyundai Creta. Parked by the side of the road, it’s unlikely that anyone would suspect a car theft in progress.

This car theft also highlights the need for insurance. The insurance of the stolen Jeep Compass had expired in August 2020. As such, the owner won’t be able to make a claim.

Jeep Compass owner's post on Facebook
Jeep Compass owner’s post on Facebook

However, the owner is doing everything he can to get his SUV back. He is actively promoting the CCTV footage of the theft on social media in the hope that someone would be able to help find his stolen Jeep Compass. He has shared the registration number of the stolen vehicle – “DL 12 CM 1188”. The owner is offering Rs 2 lakh to anyone who could help find information about the thieves or his SUV.

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