Jeep Juventus €35 million deal associates Chrysler, Fiat and Exor

Juventus FC, one of the biggest football clubs in Europe and the most famous in Italy, has signed a three year deal with American SUV maker, Jeep. Juventus players will now be wearing T-Shitrs with Jeep logo for the next three seasons, starting this season. Apart from this, Jeep is also the official new vehicle supplier for Juventus. The three year deal is valued at €35 million ($43.93 million).

Through this deal, Jeep plans on marketing itself, especially in Europe and other parts of the world, as Italian football is watch the world over. Juventus FC has a fan following of more than 295 million people and this will definitely add to Jeep’s marketing strategy. Even late last year Jeep had provided 25 vehicles to Juventus as a part of promotion.

It is interesting to learn that even before this deal was made, Jeep and Juventus were already associated. Agnelli family owned Exor, a holding company with just 42 employees and a turnover of more than $100 billion, has a controlling stake in both Fiat and Juventus. Fiat has a 58.5% stake in Chrysler, the parent of Jeep.

Exor has a 63.77% stake in Juventus FC and a 30.47% stake in Fiat. Fiat was in fact founded by a group of investors including Giovanni Agnelli back in 1899. Exor was founded by Giovanni Agnelli in 1927 to manage his investments in various companies including Fiat. Currently, Andrea Agnelli, great-grandson of Giovanni Agnelli is the president of Juventus FC. Over the years, family members of Agnelli family have maintained high posts in Fiat, Juventus and Italian Government.

The new jerseys with the Jeep logo will have a crewneck design inspired by the 1941-42 Coppa Italia winning jersey. It will be made of environmentally friendly material and will carry the club motto – “Vincere Non È Importante È L’Unica Cosa che Conta” meaning Winning is not important, it is everything. This is a famous quote by Giampiero Boniperti and is chosen to reflect the sentiments of the Football team.

Besides this eye catching jersey, Jeep will also be seen at all national and international events associated with Juventus. An event to also look forward to in July will be the preview of Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited which will be introduced in Italy for a start while other European countries can expect it by September.

Official statement released by Juventus, stated, “Juventus Football Club SpA and Fiat SpA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the sponsorship of the jersey of Juventus for the next three football seasons. From July 1, 2012, Fiat SpA will become the sole sponsor of Juventus for all competitions, against a fixed total of €35 million, in addition to becoming the supplier of club cars. From next season, the Jeep brand will appear on the team’s shirts. With over 70 years of history, Jeep boasts a global reputation with cars distributed in over 120 countries around the world. Since 1941, more than 15 million Jeep cars have been produced and distributed worldwide.”

Sponsorship deals at other major football clubs in Europe: Barcelona FC and Qatar – €30 million, Bayern Munich and Telekom – €29 million, Manchester United and AON – €24 million, Real Madrid and Bwin – €22 million, AC Milan and Emirates – €12 million, Juventus and Jeep – €11.7 million and Arsenal and Emirates – €6.7 million.

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The overlap between Fiat Group and Juventus Football Club, both of which have the Agnelli family’s investment vehicle, Exor, as the largest shareholder, is to return for the next three seasons through a new 35 million euro sponsorship deal, with the Jeep brand set to be the first name on the shirts next season.

Exor holds a 30.47 percent stake in Fiat Group (which in turn holds 58.5 percent of Chrysler Group shares, fully diluted) as well as 63.77 percent of shares in Juventus FC.

The Italian ‘Serie A’ team has just completed a two-year deal with Betclick, but prior to that sponsorship Fiat Group had a three year deal (July 2007- June 2010) as Juventus’ shirt sponsor which saw its brands displayed, including agricultural equipment manufacturer, New Holland.

The new agreement between Juventus and Fiat Group has even deeper historic roots that were planted when Edoardo Agnelli, Fiat vice president, who also became Juventus president in 1923. That particular year sparked a new dawn characterised by the construction of the club’s stadium on Corso Marsiglia in Turin. It was the first ground to be built entirely from reinforced concrete: a revolution and a state of the art development in Italy. And with Edoardo’s nephew, Andrea Agnelli, now  charge of the club, Fiat has reprised its relationship with Juventus.

From 1 July this year, Fiat Group will thus be the sole sponsor appearing on Juventus football jerseys, for all matches, in return for a fixed sponsorship fee of 35 million euros (for all three seasons) and the supply of group vehicles. For the upcoming 2012/2013 season, Juventus players will sport the Jeep brand on their uniforms.

The agreement also allows for Fiat to use the Juventus image, including placement of its logos on the official clothing of all Juventus teams and a variety of potential partnerships in other areas. The definitive agreement, which will be valid until 30 June 2015, is to be signed in the next few weeks.