Jeep Liberty Airbag Probe deepens

Last September, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration commenced their investigations into Jeep Liberty models of 2002 and 2003 wherein owners had complained of airbags deploying despite accidents.

In all, the company received 39 complaints out of which 10 resulted in injury to occupants. This figure has now reached 87 complaints and 50 of them have resulted in injury. While Chrysler has not been able to pin point the reason for deployment it is found that air bags deploy while start up and even when the jeep is in motion which sometimes occurs in driver’s side and occasionally both in drivers and passenger areas.  This problem has even caused burns, cuts and bruises to upper body parts of occupants.

An inquiry is being conducted for an over 386,873 Jeep Liberty vehicles during those model years. Chrysler is offering their cooperation to NHTSA to get to the root of this problem, which could be due to a transient voltage spike. Mr. Vince Muniga, spokesperson at Chrysler said that the company was offering their full support to investigating agencies to try and find the cause and rectify the problems in the quickest possible time.