Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge is inspired by Harley Davidson bikes

The Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge is a one off mod job which is created by Garage Italia Customs. The compact crossover with fire decals on the bonnet has derived its inspiration from various Harley Davidson custom jobs.

The Renegade Hell’s Revenge will be attending the 25th annual European H.O.G. Rally (Harley Owners Group) which is set to take place this weekend in Portoroz, Slovenia. Jeep is the main sponsor for the event.

Jeep Renegade Harley mod Hell's Revenge (5)
The custom Jeep will attend the 25th European HOG Rally in Slovenia.

The lustrous black paint job is a result of having four layers of matte paint before the final shiny layer was applied. The flame motif doesn’t stop with the bonnet, it extends to the dashboard as well. The Renegade Hell’s Revenge has its seats upholstered in Foglizzo Nappa leather and black denim.

The mod job is not just limited to superficial elements. The mirrors have been tweaked to improve visibility, the ride height is jacked up and there are LED spotlights mounted at the base of the A-pillars. The crossover also gets exclusive alloy wheels and off-road tyres.

Jeep Renegade Harley mod Hell's Revenge (2)
The flame motif is carried over to the dashboard as well.

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FCA has not revealed any plans to put the Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge into production as of now. Not even in limited numbers. The car is cooked up merely for marketing purposes.


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