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Jeep Renegade sub 4m SUV rendered – Too good to not be real one day

The ‘Baby Renegade’ was rendered by Brazilian automotive designer, Kleber Silva

The Jeep Renegade has been one of the most popular products in the global subcompact SUV/crossover market, since its introduction back in 2014. It is a capable and well-rounded package that sells in decent numbers in the USA and certain European markets. The Indian market has been longing for the Renegade for quite a while, but Jeep India still seems to be assessing its feasibility.

We do not see a reason why it wouldn’t succeed on the Indian market (provided it is priced under Rs 15 lakh). In fact, many are eagerly waiting to know if the Renegade would be one of the new Jeep India products coming next year. The subcompact all-wheel-drive vehicle received a mid-life facelift for the 2019 model year, with significant improvements to the exterior design and interior features.

Jeep Renegade sub 4 meter Render
Jeep Renegade sub 4 meter Render – Kleber Silva

In the meantime, Kleber Silva — an automotive designer from São Paulo, Brazil — has rendered an interesting product based on the Renegade. Dubbed as the ‘Baby Renegade’, the render is essentially a compact version of the already-compact Jeep Renegade. On paper, this would mean awkward proportions. However, Kleber’s creation is too good not to come into existence one day (hypothetically).

The Baby Renegade evidently spans much under four metres in length. The front-end is quite similar to the latest avatar of the Jeep Renegade, but Kleber has given a fresh design to the rear. The Jeep Renegade is a smart, quirky-looking SUV and the Baby Renegade shares the same traits. Still, the focus seems to be a bit different.

While the original Renegade strikes the perfect balance between being a capable off-roader and a sensible choice in the city, Kleber’s creation is more of the latter. For starters, the wheels are much narrower and the vehicle rides closer to the ground. Even though it would seem brainless to comment on the internal components of a digital creation, the Baby Renegade should ideally be a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

The Baby Renegade feels solid for what it is. It gives ample justice to the lines of Jeremy Glover (the designer of the Jeep Renegade) and the modern-day ‘Jeep DNA’ formulated by Mark Allen, the Chief Designer of Jeep. This includes the iconic seven-slot grille, prominent wheel arches and strong shoulder lines that set it a class apart from the usuals.

The Jeep Renegade is the first product to come out of the brand’s Small Wide 4×4 modular platform, which also serves the base for the Fiat 500X crossover hatchback. The global-spec Jeep Compass was born out of a revised version of this platform termed as Small Wide 4×4 LWB.


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