Jeep Renegade does a stoppie on hard braking – Video

The smallest Jeep, Renegade has been found to perform a stoppie when full brakes are applied at speeds of about 84 mph (135 km/h). As per a Spanish automotive outlet, who were the first to discover the issue, they have managed to capture the Jeep performing this dangerous stunt twice on camera.

Why dangerous? Well, when a car applies brakes at high speed, it is very important that all of its four wheels are in contact with the surface. This is necessary for multiple reasons. For one, more contact means more traction, and thus a better braking power. For second, if two of your tyres are in the air, and you try and manoeuvre the car, it can easily topple and go off-balance. Basically, the driver can easily lose control of such a car under hard braking.

The model on which automotive journalist Pablo David Gonzalez of the Spanish media site managed to capture this incident for the first time, was equipped with a 1.6 liter engine. He and his team soon contacted FCA’s Spanish team after finding out the issue on a car which weighs about 1,600 kgs. Fiat Spain’s communication’s team explained that the car which performed a stoppie was a pre-production model (which Gonzalez says it wasn’t). In addition to that, it had involved in an accident, which had resulted in the car’s ABS getting short circuited.

Agreeing to their explanation, Gonzalez did not publish the story about Jeep’s stoppie. But, recently, when Gonzalez test drove a 2.0 liter version of Renegade, he found the same issue in that car. This time Gonzalez decided to release the video and do a story on the same.

When Gonzalez asked Fiat’s Spanish team about the whereabouts of the 1.6 liter Jeep Renegade, on which he first found the issue, he got to know that it was already sold to a buyer, as a perfect car “with no faults whatsoever”.

Gonzalez took it upon himself, and informed the owner of this particular Jeep Renegade 1.6 about the stoppie issue. FCA is yet to release any statement on the incident. You can watch the stoppie video below.