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Nope Jet AirWays aint giving 2 Free Tickets to everyone. What a bummer

If you’ve received this message on whatsapp, ‘Jetairways Airline is giving 2 Free Tickets to everyone, To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Click here to Get yours: http://www.jeta?rways.com/tickets’, you’re not alone. And, no they’re not celebrating with free tickets. .

The annoying message seems to have pervaded the world of whatsapp, and has almost simultaneously been shared on groups. Even if one means well, the simplest approach would be to verify the detail over meaningless passing it on.

To put an end to this trend, Jet AirWays has taken to Twitter – There’s a fake link being circulated regarding ticket giveaways for our 25th Anniversary. This is not an official contest/giveaway and we advise caution. Genuine contests & giveaways are hosted only on our verified social media accounts, indicated with a blue tick.

And that solves the great mystery of the giveaway. For it to be an original sweepstakes, the communication needs to come through the company’s official social media platforms.

Apart from the official communication on Twitter, which the company has diligently pinned for anyone who makes the effort to verify to see, eh company has even attempted to respond to those who’ve inquired on the wall by clarifying, ‘Hi, the above is not an official contest/ giveaway’; ‘Hi, pls refer to our official communication in this regard’; and ‘Kindly share our official statement with your contacts and caution them: http://bitly.com/2s5W7xB.’

And then there’s the risk of opening a link you’re being directed to from an unverified source. One enthusiast gave fair warning urging others not to open the link.

Wishful thinking is one thing and being susceptible to online spam is another. So, next time something too good to be true makes it to your inbox, it’s probably not meant to be.

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