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JK Tyre’s Jet Racing drives T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship

Capable of handling speed upto excess of 150kmph, Jet Racing is designed using asymmetric tread pattern tech to excel in handling on a dry pavement. Its asymmetric shoulder drop with a rounded outer shoulder facilitates enhanced cornering and lateral stability. Shallow circumferential grooves with optimized groove sections offer excellent head dissipation.

Jet Racing tyres’ optimized belt package, in terms of lay and angle, deliver excellent tread stiffness for better steering and handling ability. The tread compound design betters grip and braking performance on a racing track. A specially designed inner layer facilitates excellent air retention.

Steve Horne, organiser British Truck Racing Association and development driver for the Prima T1 Race trucks said, “We are very happy with JK Tyre. They have built a fantastic tyre for us-rugged and reliable, good compound, grippy, working very well.”

British racer Stuart Oliver, a ten-time British Truck Racing Championship, won the inaugural T1 Prima Racing Championship with a time of 30:26:848 minutes. Commenting on Jetracing, he said, “The tyres’ performance was really good. The entire combination of the machine and the tyres was really commendable.”

Grahan Powell, 2010 BTRA division 2 champion said, “We have all got the same tyres and the racing has been very close because of this. We all crossed the lines within 4 seconds of each other, which is terrific. The trucks are good, the tyres are good. It’s been fantastic.”

Paul McCumisky, Veteran BTRA driver who has raced since 1986 said, “The Prima responds and turns in well and I think the JK tyres have helped it around the circuit quite a lot. It wasn’t till the last couple of laps that the tyres started going off.”

Mr. A K Bajoria, President and Director, JK Tyre & Industries Limited, said, “We, at JK Tyre, are proud to have received a positive response from the racers for India’s first truck racing tyre. With a successful debut of Truck Racing in India, we are confident that our partnership with the much revered sport will be a long and healthy one. This, of course, is another step forward for us in our endeavor to further strengthen Motorsports in India.”

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