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Job applicant time travels with hyperloop to reach Atlanta from Delhi in three hours. Yeah right.

Well, this dude didn’t want to leave any loose end, so along with excusing himself for having been in an accident that involved a child being taken to a hospital, he did the next best thing. Furnish proof of a close up of the mangled car that was crucial to the supposed accident. Strong alibi. Check.

An update on LinkedIn by the guy on the other side of the table reads as follows. Brian Connors Managing Director and Co-Founder, AllSearch Professional Staffing, Inc: Never a dull day in Recruiting. A “Professional” Sales/Management Candidate cancelled an interview today because they and child had a bad car accident, the child had to go to the hospital. Even sent us the pic. How sad right? Not so fast, Google “BMW car accident” if you will. I guess our only remaining question for this future superstar of business is, just how did you get from the streets of India to a hospital in Atlanta in just 3 hours?!

So, while the smart alec didn’t necessarily pick the first banged up car image he found on Google, he did pick one from India, and that’s a dead giveaway. He did find a car that looks sufficiently banged up for viewers to instantly worry about the fate of occupants, and even the number plate’s missing, but had he only looked at the full picture. Indian two-wheelers including an old scooter and the two yapping may have never stepped foot outside their city, leave alone find their way to Atlanta to chat through the afternoon.

The lifted photo must have been a quick cell phone search find because as good as it looks on smartphone screens, the central focal point is quite different from what you see on a bigger screen. The photographed car was part of an accident that took place in South Delhi, Sarojini Nagar. The BMW was speeding and collided into a student’s Renault Duster. All occupants tested negative for alcohol consumption, and a case of rash and negligent driving was registered. This was back in November 2014.

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