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Will you call this EV a weird looking motorcycle?

johammer electric motorcycle 1 riding

The most extraordinary (or weird) motorcycle with an amazing driving range and host of onboard technologies is the Johammer electric motorcycle produced by Hammerschmid Maschinenbau based in Austria. Rather avant-garde to look at, the electric motorcycle comes in with two variants J1.150 and J1.200. Johammer is priced at €25,000 (INR 21 lakhs).

johammer electric motorcycle 1 ridingJohammer was earlier known as the Biiista and has come in rebranded. J1.150 Johammer electric motorcycle weighs a total of 158 kgs and is powered by a 8.3 kWh battery offering the motorcycle a range of 150 kms while the second variant, J1.200 weighs 177 kgs and receives a 12.7 kWh battery capable of achieving 200 kms on a single charge.

It is due to its driving range that Johammer will be effective for both cruising and intercity riding use. Remember, it is not a performance motorcycle. It is built to serve practicality, which is getting you from point A to point B, without affecting the environment.

Both Johammer bikes can accelerate from 48 to 80 kmph in four seconds and from 48 to 100 kmph in eight seconds. We dont know the 0-60 kmph times as the company has not revealed them. No foot controls are seen on board the Johammer and instead are located on grips on the mirror stalks which is all that the rider will need to control the motorcycle. There is also no instrument cluster with all details displayed on mirrors.

Pricing may be considered steep but the Johammer is guaranteed for a minimum of 4 years or 124,000 miles (199,558 kms). Johammer is priced at €25,000 (approx INR 21 lakhs or $34,550). And yes, you have assumed it right, the manufacturers have no plans of launching this bike in India.


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