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John Abraham owns an Aprilia RSV4, cool. No helmet, uncool


John Abraham is popular for his love of bikes, and at an event in Mumbai tomorrow will share his experience as a proud owner the Aprilia RSV4 superbike. Here’s a glimpse of John Abraham test riding the Aprilia RSV4. Considering this is not a film shoot, it is worth asking, why he’s riding without helmet. Safety is always a concern, and we don’t expect to see anyone on a superbike without protective gear.

Aprilia_RSV4_John_AbrahamThe 999.6cc V-4 Cylinder, 6 speed gearbox, 4-stroke liquid cooled DOHC engine pegs 180 BHP of power @ 12500rpm, and 115 Nm of torque @ 10000rpm. Certainly this is not a bike that’s for a novice, and given his experince in riding, a helmet bodes well. Gear too.

Aprilia, an Italian motorcycle company in 1 of 7 Piaggio bike marques. The others include Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Derbi, Piaggio, Gilera and Laverda.


The flagship 1,000 cc V-twin RSV4 Factory APRC, RSV4, Tuono, Dorsoduro, and Mana are popular from Aprilia. The company has a showroom in Pune, and earlier in 2012, Piaggio displayed Aprilia and Moto Guzzi motorcycles at the Delhi Auto Expo.


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  • Bimal Modi

    And in one KBC episode he was telling contestant’s husband to wear helmet.

    • Franoh Livingston Rajakumari


  • smokin

    you just saw a pic and start blaming the guy,did you know the exact story ..DOn’t disrespect people if you dont know and just copy pics from internet..

    Get the full story and publish it . and lets see weather you delete this comment or accept your fault

    • NabanitaSR

      Not quite right. You have to first accept the fact that we have an obligation to print what must be. There’s no blaming here. Simply pointing to a fact. You have to also understand that we’re not permitted to copy pics from the internet. There’s something called copyright. Do read about it. This is the full story. We’re hoping he’ll be more careful henceforth instead of irresponsible. You obviously mean whether, and not weather. We mostly delete comments that are abusive or promotional. Regards.

    • Ikjot Singh Bhasin

      This pic has been taken inside the hotel premises and when he just revved the bike 2 steps to feel the V4 engine power. Above all he has not broken and civic rule or shown concern on safety. He is a great rider and assures safety with all his efforts. Your tip to this pic was your Facebook friend who’s FB profile himself is full of riding Harley on the Delhi streets with out helmet. How can people just talk about things when they them self don’t follow it. As a reporter it’s your duty to reach to the facts and then publish.
      Rab Rakha.

      • NabanitaSR

        Way too many people here who simply won’t wear a helmet. Is it then too much to ask, that a public figure wears one. Knowing John Abraham’s love for bikes, there’s no doubt he’s does ride keeping in mind safety. Despite that, you never know when something goes wrong. Back in August he had a Twitter update after crashing a 1000cc.

        Why is it wrong then to point out that safety is important all the time? Tips will always be sent in from readers. The article nowhere reprimands him. It simply raises one small question in a short sentence. As an auto blog, we talk about safety, pollution, infrastructure and other social causes. Regards.