John Abraham Brand Ambassador of Castrol Power 1 receives grand Indian Road Trip bikers after 52 day cross country tour

Six superbikers namely Sundeep Gajjar, Sunil Gupta, Sandeep Goswami, Himanshu Gupta,Abhishek Bhatt and Shivanshu Singh are back home after a 52 day tour across 25 cities and town of India. Their 13,000 km journey organized by Castrol India was called the Grand Indian Road Trip and was organized in a bid to connect young bikers and biking communities in India.

The event was held in Delhi where John Abraham, an avid biker himself, was asked to felicitate the bikers. John himself wished he had the time to join in this spectacular road show where he could get a chance to promote the passion of biking while enjoying the scenic beauty across India.

Besides promoting the biking community, Castrol India has also been instrumental is ensuring that enjoyment and safety should be synonymous when tackling Indian streets. The company also launched a program Castrol Helmet for Change which these bikers propagated during the Grand Indian Road Trip. John also endorsed the use of helmets and said that he also never gets on a bike without first putting on his helmet and protective gear.

The road trip ensured that special events were conducted while connecting with the biking community and got many such avid bikers across the country to take a pledge of using helmets and safety equipment. The bikers on their part enjoyed the road trip even though it was difficult and grueling but with Castrol Power1 it made their bikes and the journey more manageable and enjoyable.

Castrol Power1 4T has a special Power Releast Formula which is designed specially for bikers who love the fast lane. This advanced premium engine oil flows fast and reduced break friction. It has been tested and proven to deliver enhanced acceleration at the touch of the button. It is suitable for use in all modern Japanese and European bikes.

Auto News Release

Castrol Power1 brand ambassador John Abraham welcomes

Grand Indian Road Trip superbikers back home

New Delhi, May 17th, 2012: The Castrol Power1 supported Grand Indian Road Trip superbikers were welcomed back in New Delhi by Castrol Power1 Brand Ambassador, Actor John Abraham. The six superbikers – Sundeep Gajjar, Sunil Gupta, Sandeep Goswami, Himanshu Gupta, Abhishek Bhatt and Shivanshu Singh – are back in New Delhi after an exciting journey of 13,000 kms across India, covering 25 cities and towns over 52 days.

Castrol Power1 Brand Ambassador John Abraham, himself a passionate biker, was on hand to felicitate the bikers at an event organized by Castrol in the Capital city today. Speaking on the occasion, John said, “The Grand Indian Road Trip is an exciting concept and I am delighted to be associated with it through Castrol Power1. Castrol is at the forefront of supporting events such as these which help promote the passion for biking and help build a community of bikers. From what I have heard, the Grand Indian Road Trip was a fantastic event and I wish I had the time to join these superbikers on their journey. It would be a really great way to see our beautiful country and catch up with fellow bikers”.

Commenting on the various activities which were conducted by the superbikers along the journey, John Abraham said: “I am particularly thrilled about the Castrol Helmet for Change programme which the superbikers propagated during the journey. Safety is synonymous with Castrol and I am personally endorsing the Castrol Helmet for Change programme since I never get on to a bike without a helmet and protective gear”.

The primary objective of the Castrol Power1 supported Grand Indian Road Trip was to connect with bikers along the way and build a biking fraternity across the country. The superbikers ran several events during the journey to connect with local bikers. These included Castrol Power1 Fix & Flick events where bikers shared tips on bike maintenance and the Castrol Helmet for Change programme where bikers took a pledge to always wear helmets and ride safely.

Bikers were also encouraged to share their views through the on ground programmes as well as online engagement through the Castrol Power1 Facebook page (Castrol Biking) contributing to ‘My reason to ride’ and ‘Biker Code of India’. While the Grand Indian Road Trip team was on road, fellow bikers showed their support through ‘Clock the Kilometer’ application on Castrol Biking, to register the kilometers they had clocked on their own bikes and this activity generated over 100,000 kilometers. Totally, over 5000 bikers were reached directly through the on ground interactions during the trip whilst 3.67 million bikers were reached through digital and social media.

Commenting on the Grand Indian Road Trip, Saugata Basuray, Deputy Head of Marketing, Castrol India, said, “Castrol Power1 has always been associated with passionate bikers who look for performance in riding. An initiative like The Grand Indian Road Trip was supported by us to connect bikers and biking communities from across India and engage with them. Castrol is a brand with a history in motorsports and high performance product technology that is tested on racetracks across the world. We will continue to create opportunities and experiences like this one, for biking enthusiasts.”

Commenting on the Grand Indian Road Trip, Sundeep Gajjar from Xbhp said “The Grand Indian Road Trip was the experience of a lifetime. Castrol has always been an integral part of the Xbhp biking community in India and we see it as our trusted partner. Although the journey was tough and arduous, with Castrol Power1 in our bikes and their support on ground, we had a smooth journey throughout.”

Riders Profile

Sundeep Gajjar

Sunny for xBhpians and Motographer as a professional, Sundeep Gajjar(30) is the founder of and the Editor of the xBhp magazine. A man driven by sheer passion for motorcycling and photography, he is restless without his two wheels and the camera. Sunny has motorcycled in numerous countries across the globe and on the best imaginable machinery.  His riding exploits can be caught up on (links here) A man of vast riding experience and a vision that goes beyond the usual horizon, he is the one who ensures that the Grand Indian Road trip is actually and truly ‘Grand’ in every sense of the word.

Old Fox aka Sandeep Goswami

Better known as Old Fox among bikers, Sandeep Goswami still has an insatiable desire to ride after 25 years and more than 600,000 kms on the road. For someone who straddles two generations of motorcycles and motorcyclists, he remains in the thick of riding and ever eager to share all he has learnt over the years.  An endless knowledge bank about motorcycling he fittingly is also the Chief Editorial Advisor of the xBhp magazine. He studied to be an Aeronautical Engineer and worked a while as an Air Traffic Control officer. Then started his own business with a friend making shoe components at Noida near Delhi. Meanwhile began writing for some travel magazines and ended up authoring a coffee-table book on Sikhs (The Great Glory – Sikhism. Rupa & Co.). Considered the proverbial insurance for the team against technical or mental failures!

Sunil Gupta

The ‘veteran’  of pan-India rides, Sunil (31) has enough miles (>200,000 kms) on the road to give a long term trucker good run for his money. He is the quintessential traveler, frugal in needs, calm of demeanor and tough as nails. Over time Sunil has acquired a deftness with the camera that rivals his skills on two-wheels. And for someone who multi-tasks even in his sleep, juggling between riding, taking pictures and capturing videos is no big deal for him. The man to have around when huge miles on the high road are the order of the day.

Himanshu Gupta

Our resident ‘Rambo guy’, Himanshu (27) is a gentleman with biceps. And that fit body has a fitter head on its shoulders. For someone who has been riding since he was 17, he became a ‘serious’ rider on coming into contact with xBhp in 2007. So enamored has he been with the ethos of the community that he has ended up being the man behind selling the xBhp magazine since its inception. A calm rider who is ever eager to learn and get better, Himanshu shall be out on his second country level ride in this Grand Indian Road trip.

Abhishek Bhatt

Abhishek is known for his penchant of riding to lesser known places, especially in the hills. He has a special instinct for routes which are unknown and unvisited. A commerce graduate and an aspiring financial consultant, he has been riding bikes for quite a few years now. With more than 1,50,000 kms on the road, he feels completely at home when astride a bike. He has a flair with the pen and has contributed a few write-ups to notable financial publications. He will soon start with his MBA and then plans to establish his own venture.

He believes in the mantra of sane biking which is tantamount to safe and responsible ride. He prefers riding solo most of times but has ridden enough in groups as well. The Grand Indian Roadtrip for him is an opportunity to traverse this beautiful country of ours astride his favourite mode of transport and a means to catching up with others who share his passion across INDIA.
Let’s get out. Let’s ride !!

Shivanshu Singh

Passion, Respect, Faith, Fun & Laughter are what maketh our man-Shivanshu Singh. His motorcycling started when he went to Australia in 1998 and promises to go on and on till the proverbial cows come home. He was born in Lucknow and his father’s transferable jos as an Engineer in Railways, meant frequent postings and so a natural affinity to temporary roots. An IT professional, he has been riding all over the North and has a special liking for the hills. He loves his Yamaha Rx100(1987 model) more than his Yamaha-R15(2010 model). A veteran of almost 300,000 kms on two wheels, his devilish smile and angelic face give no indication of the quiet and tough rider within. His passion for riding and compassion towards all living beings promise to make this Grand Indian Roadtrip a reality check of sorts for him. And his mantra for this ride is – The Grand Indian RoadTrip – Lets RIDE it to KNOW it.



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With rigorous undertaking of

Over 500 engine tests
Over 10,000 hours of testing
More than 1 million kilometers on the road testing

The Grand Indian Road Trip powered by Castrol Power1, covered 25 cities and towns all across India in 52 days, covering over 13,000 kilometers

Starting from New Delhi, the Grand Indian Road Trip navigated across the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Coorg, Ooty, Munnar, Alleppy, Thekkadi, Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Chennai, Vijaywada, Hyderabad, Vizag, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Asansol, Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra

To make the Grand Indian Road Trip an exciting and interesting journey, Castrol Power1 organized several interesting events to promote biking and with an aim to bring the biking fraternity closer together. These included:

Castrol Power1 ‘Fix & Flick’: A do-it-yourself session for maintenance of bikes
Castrol Helmet of Change: An initiative for all bikers to take a pledge endorsing safety
My Reason to Ride: An opportunity for every biker to express himself
United Motorcyclists Jacket of India: A jacket with the insignia of all the biking clubs that participated in the Grand Indian Road Trip
Castrol Power1 Biker Code of India: A biker code that the 6 superbikers will create based on inputs received during their interaction with bikers throughout the journey
Biking Host: Opportunity for a biker in every city to host the riders during that leg of the trip

The Grand Indian Road Trip was powered by Castrol Power1 Racing engine oil

The Grand Indian Road Trip reached over 5000 bikers  in face to face interactions and connected with 27 biking groups during their 52 day  long journey

Castrol Power1 reached   over 3.67 mn audience via digital & social media during The Grand India Road Trip