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John Abraham inducts family into the Audi life by gifting sister-in-law an Audi Q3


John Abraham has strengthened his bond with German luxury car manufacturer Audi after he recently bought an Audi Q3 for his sister-in-law for her birthday. Audi has been known in the car market for it superior design and features and with sales of the newly launched model in the car market Audi hopes to do well in India.

Though Audi has been known to be at the forefront of luxury in the sedan segment, its models now have bought luxury to the people in a compact form. The SUV models of the brand with four rings are doing extremely well in the markets these days. Moreover onset of the festive season is helping Audi and other brands tremendously.

Incidentally J. Abraham is a proud owner of the sporty and powerful Audi Q7. He also mentioned that he was drawn to the dynamics of the car when he starred in the music video ‘Start Young’ that featured the Q3. He’s hopeful that sister-in-law Anca Abraham will now be able to experience the sporty dynamics of the Audi brand in a compact form while driving her new Audi Q3.


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