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John Deere sugarcane harvester CH330 launched in India

CH 330 sugarcane harvester is specially designed for Indian consumers. It is powered by a 198 hp engine and has a four wheel drive. The new John Deere sugarcane harvester possesses advanced hydraulic technology and assures customers that it has capacity to harvest heavy crops, maneuverability in smaller plots, cleaner cane and enhanced performance.

The company has launched this special sugarcane harvester noting increased demand from Indian consumers who are faced with severe labor shortage. John Deere initially expects to target sale in agri rich states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

The new harvester, capable to cut up to 80 tonnes of cane per hour, will prove to be cost effective for farmers, entrepreneurs and sugar factories who can hope to receive payback in a matter of three years. The company has also invested over INR 400 crores in the setting up of a new tractor factory at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh from where the new harvester could be produced.

Satish Nadiger, Managing Director of John Deere India, said, “Deere’s success around the world has been earned because of our focus on the customer and on meeting the needs of many different markets. In India, this has been our strategy and we shall continue to invest and bring products and programmes that help farmers move from subsistence levels to become business entrepreneurs.” Satish further added “Our recent investments include a harvester factory in Sirhind in Punjab and our newest tractor factory at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, that we inaugurated on the 22nd Oct 2013”.

“There is a growing demand for this sugarcane harvester from Indian customers,” said Ravi Menon Director Sales and Marketing John Deere India. “We are endeavoring to facilitate automation of the sugarcane industry and with this in mind John Deere has been building innovative products and the CH330 is a result of that. It reiterates our commitment to the Indian market. We are promoting a concept of complete package of practices that include modernization across the sugarcane value chain. We find this more sustainable and helps stake holder’s become more productive”, he added.

“John Deere began designing the CH330 Sugar Cane Harvester, as a result of customer needs and their expectation for harvesting solutions”, said Jeffery Freyou, Global Product Marketing Manager. “The need was very clear in terms of capability to harvest heavy crops, maneuverability in smaller plots, cleaner cane, and enhanced performance. We listened and responded with a harvesting solution that meets these requests while providing state of the art efficiency, the best cost per ton, less than three years to payback, and John Deere Quality”, he added.

“Indian agriculture practices with a supportive environment are rapidly modernizing as we see enhanced Industry and Government collaborations. This is helping the industry to continue to innovate and bring superior technology faster to the Indian market”, said Mukul Varshney, Vice President Corporate Affairs John Deere India.

“We see a very positive trends and developments in India. The Ag workforce is declining and thus farmers need modern mechanized tools to remain in agriculture. This will help them become even more productive which will be essential as the world population and incomes grow and the need for food increases significantly”, said Dr JB Penn, Chief Economist, Deere and Company.

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