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US Secretary of State, John Kerry extols Tata for creating new jobs

John Kerry extols Tata Motors for creating jobs in the US

US Secretary of State, John Kerry has regaled both Tata Group and American motor company, Ford for job opportunities created both in the US and in India. Tata Group has created a vast number of job opportunities in the United States due to expansion of design and sales operations in the country.

John Kerry extols Tata Motors for creating jobs in the USJohn Kerry was in India to speak at the Center for American Progress. It was here that he lauded Tata Group that has offered added job opportunities in the US by adding to their existing list of 24,000 employees in the country. Kerry also praised other Indian companies who have created close to 100,000 job opportunities even as he praised Ford for creating employment opportunities in India.

Tata Group is the largest Indian multinational in the US with over 12 companies involved in varied operations. The company operations include soda ash mines in Wyoming, coffee manufacturing in Maryland, steel plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania and tea processing units in Florida, Georgia and New Jersey. Tata Group’s presence is also seen in the number of Taj Group of hotels in New York and San Francisco, besides animation labs in California and IT centres in California, Michigan, and Ohio. Some of their most recognized products include Jaguar Land Rover, Tetley, Good Earth and Eight O’Clock Coffee.

Kerry hopes that India will continue with these ambitious projects and reach targets set by Vice President John Bidden last year on his visit to India when he wishes to see increase in trade from US$100 billion to US$ 500 billion in the coming year.

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