Jon Snow meets Blake: New Infiniti Q60 Feat. Kit Harington TVC

The Infiniti Q60 launch film stars actor Kit Harington, the popularly resurrected onscreen Jon Snow. New Infiniti Q60 and Kit Harington inspiration piece is aptly titled Tyger, with the actor reciting ‘The Tyger’ at the driver’s seat.

It’s more drama than you can expect in a minute long short with Harington walking towards the car, taking the driver’s seat, and beginning his powerful narration, breathing life into William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’. The following seconds showcase a powerful performance by both man, and machine, until both come to a standstill.

Kit Harington elaborates that a beautiful piece of writing inspires him. Blake’s piece has the same effect and blends with the car’s being. Clearly, poetic device, rhythm and narration aren’t lost on fans.

Senior Director of Marketing at Infiniti, Melissa Bell says Kit Harington is a unique and refined talent. His passion for artistry inspired a powerful performance. The minute long sequence looks to take viewers on a multi-emotion ride. Harington’s Tyger film is one of three new films released for the Q60 launch.

Speaking about the car, Infiniti Q60 made debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. It is offered with a 2.0 liter 4 cyl petrol engine as well as a V6 3.0 liter petrol in two tunes (300 hp and 400 hp).

Infiniti Q60 at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Apart from the fantastic design and a powerful engine, it also gets very premium interiors finished in soft leather, something Lord Commander, King in the North would personally prefer.


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