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Jonathan Trappe to fly across Atlantic next summer – Tests contraption in Mexico


Jonathan Trappe, 38 a dare devil of sorts is going to attempt to fly across the Atlantic ocean next summer. This contraption will consist of a 7 foot lifeboat which will be assisted by 365 helium balloons which will help Trappe to sail across 2500 miles over Atlantic waters. This contraption was put on test on Friday when he tested it out for the first time in Mexico.

Trappe, currently holder of many flying records both with cluster balloons and long distance is confident of his upcoming feat as he has already traversed high mountainous regions of the Alps and is now ready to tackle the seas with a cluster of helium balloons.

A special crew is testing the lifeboat which Trappe needs to carry with him in case of emergency on his journey across 3 to 6 day Atlantic Ocean tour. The double hulled lifeboat, procured in Maine, will serve multiple purposes as Trappe will use it for sleeping in one hour bouts during the duration of his cross Atlantic tour. Trappe will need all his wits about him as he attempts this feat, as though he is used to shorter trips this 2500 mile feat is something that he is attempting for the first time.


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