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Joy E-Bike April 2021 Electric Scooter, Motorcycle Sales Report Growth

Joy E-Bikes Electric Motorcycles
Joy E-Bikes Electric Motorcycles. File photo.

Joy E-Bike growth and expansion plans saw the manufacturer report sales of 493 units in April 2021

Joy E-Bike Manufacturer Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility reports sales growth for April 2021 at 493 units. To get to this point, the company was able to increase its number of dealerships. The company is also listed on BSE under the electric vehicle category.

E-bike sales has been reported at units in April 2021. Gennext electric scooter accounted for 80 percent of total monthly sales at 392 of 493. Wolf electric motorcycle accounted for 15 percent of total sales at 76 of 493 units. 220 dealerships were onboarded in February 2021. Manufacturing got underway in January 2021 at the OEM plant in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Dealer network

Current dealership count of 220 is distributed pan India. This includes Maharashtra (19), Gujarat (17), Orissa (4), West Bengal (7), Madhya Pradesh (13) and Chhattisgarh (4).

Sheetal Bhalerao, CEO, Wardwizard Group said, “It is indeed heartening to see the overwhelming response to Joy E-bike and sales shoot up so high in three months since our OEM plant began to operate in Vadodara. With restraints on public transport and the heightened environmental consciousness of the millennial generation, e-bikes are the perfect solution for mobility.”

Joy E-Bike
Source – Joy E-Bike/ Facebook

Electric two-wheeler sales in 2020

Joy E-Bike is enthused about catering to this specific customer segment, and is eager to meet demand. In the present situation, India continues to battle daily highs of Covid-19 infection staying just below the 4 lakh daily reported infection mark. The times are distressing.

However, despite the circumstances that got us to this state of absolute mismanagement, FY21 didn’t completely disappoint two-wheeler manufacturers. With ample focus on the need to stay safe, more and more people have considered avenues of safer daily commute options. And this has meant, two-wheelers have gotten a lot more attention in the past fiscal.

Add to this, the need for jobs has meant more and more people have needed a two-wheeler so they can be employed as delivery personnel, and runners. And while, major e-commerce companies are committed to a cleaner and greener future, currently electric two-wheelers are not a big part of delivery fleets.

Joy E-Bike
Source – Joy E-Bike/ Facebook

As such, currently, the majority of electric two-wheeler sales are thought to be for personal use. And through this difficult year of pandemic, not just traditional two-wheeler sales but also electric two-wheeler sales in India has increased.

This is not difficult to understand considering availability of reliable public transport has been hampered through a varying range of lockdowns. 27k electric two-wheelers were registered in India in 2020. Sales movement is expected in 2021 too. Joy e-bike offers a range of EVs, including 4 high-speed offerings, and two low-speed models.

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