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Joy Electric Motorcycles, Scooters Dealer Network Increases To 98 In Gujarat

Joy Electric Motorcycle
Joy Electric Motorcycle

Joy e-bike electric two-wheelers sales growth being fuelled by onboarding new dealerships to widen market reach

Joy e-bike electric two-wheelers are designed keeping in mind factors such as durability, customer satisfaction and other concerns based on the varied aspects of customer requirements. The company strives to launch electric vehicles that address transport needs in accordance with customer needs.

They intend to enhance company status by introducing new designs and innovative ideas from time to time. With aims to sell more e-scooters, Joy e-bike is taking into consideration attracting the youth who are looking for easy to operate and sustainable ways to commute.

This subset of customers is further being helped through a defined subsidy policy in Gujarat. Twenty new dealerships with sales ad service facilities have been inaugurated. This takes its dealership network tally to 98 across major locations in the state.

Sustainable growth

Having launched the business with plans to fuel rapid growth, the company aims to distribute a larger number of electric two-wheelers to fully cover the market demand. As a result of expansion, the company is looking for dealer partners to increase its nationwide presence. They haven’t yet announced future plans where international business is concerned.

Joy Electric Scooter
Joy Electric Scooter

Joy e-bike is using its industry experience and expertise in building a dealership network across the country for its customers. And is committed to providing customer satisfaction by consistently offering the best service standards with an impeccable quality. Dealerships would provide a variety of services, including customer care service, and maintenance services, among others.

The aim is to better the electric two-wheeler riding experience for customers by providing them with a wide variety of electric scooters and motorcycles. This takes into consideration after-sales service at competitive prices for a hassle free experience, and cost effective ownership experience.

100 dealerships in Gujarat

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd is confident its dealerships will provide excellent customer service in the industry. With business expansion still underway, the company has a lot of scope for expansion. In time, Joy e-bike is looking to spread its business to a larger number of suburbs and towns. With a dealership network of over 300, the company has an ongoing insurance arrangement with Bajaj Allianz for its customers.

Sheetal Bhalerao, Chief Operation Officer, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd said, “We are committed to increasing the availability of Joy e-bike electric scooters and motorcycles by expanding our reach and further penetrating the market. With the support of the Gujarat State Electric Vehicle policy 2021, we aim to sell more than 10,000 electric two-wheelers and strengthen our presence with more than 100 dealerships in the state by the end of the financial year 2022. Our new dealerships will provide our customers with an opportunity to select the best model as per their requirements and cater to all their after-sale service requirements.”

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