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Joy Electric Scooter, Motorcycle Sales Feb 2022 – 4,450 TWs Sold

Joy Electric Scooter
Joy Electric Scooter

WardWizard Joy e-bike sales in February 2022 is its highest to date

WardWizard Joy e-bike has had a tremendous February 2022. Sales touched the 4,450 unit mark. For the electric two-wheeler manufacturer, February 2022 sales performance goes down in history as the highest ever sales in any month to date.

Sales has benefited from the brand’s strong product portfolio. This includes three new high-speed electric scooters, and a fleet management vehicle. A year earlier, the sales scenario looked very different for e-bike.

At the time, the company reported sales of 320 units. Sales was even better than that reported in January 2022. MoM sales growth stood at 12.62 percent, up from 3,951 units sold in January 2022. .

2022 sales growth

Looking at the way 2022 has started, WardWizard has set itself up for a busy one. In the first two months itself, Joy e-bike sales have surpassed the 8.3k unit mark. Electric two-wheeler companies have in recent months reported improved sales.

Joy e-bike sales Feb 2022
Joy e-bike sales Feb 2022

Of course these numbers are still small in terms of sales volume but it surely is a better time to do business than ever before. So, while total sales of electric scooters is still a lowball figure in the larger scheme of things, these numbers surely are growing.

With the electric scooter space filling up fast, the quest to reach the top has ensured competition is rife. In a few short years, the electric two-wheeler space has seen an endless number of new companies enter the space.

With new entrants building a name step by step, the industry is expected to get even more crowded when mainstream manufacturers play a more active part in electric two wheeler development and sales. Until then, new businesses continue to make the most of the growth wagon and tap into the current increase in demand for electric scooters.

High-speed e-scooters

As FY22 comes to an end, the company reports sales has surpassed the 25k mark at 25,777 units. WardWizard is keen eyed to hit its annual target basis consistent rise in demand for its e2Ws.

Sheetal Bhalerao, Chief Operations Officer, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd, said, “With the launch of two new high-speed e-scooters and a fleet management vehicle, the Joy e-bike has become one of the most preferred EV brands in the country and this makes us immensely proud and responsible.

The overwhelming response across the country has helped us in achieving a new sales record in February. As the fastest-growing EV brand, we are focused on bringing advanced products and expanding the touchpoints to strengthen our market presence. For us, the EV revolution is a mission, and we endeavour to provide quality products to our valuable customers.”

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