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Joy Electric Scooters And Motorcycles Launched In Assam

Joy Electric Scooter and Motorcycle
Joy Electric Scooter and Motorcycle

After expanding dealer network in Gujarat, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility enters the Assam EV Market

Joy E-Bike has announced their launch in Assam market via two new dealerships. These dealerships are equipped with complete sales and service facilities to facilitate the brands reach in the state. Through the implementation of a leading dealer management system, the company is able to track and manage its portfolio in an efficient manner.

Further, the dealerships are also able to utilise processes to provide unmatched customer service, as well as facilitating efficient and better delivery of marketing and sales promotion efforts. As a new age company, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility actively keeps themselves updated. The results of investments have been very effective with the company moving towards a bright future that sees EVs play a pertinent role.

Modern day dealerships are solution based touchpoints that lets a company meet customer needs with the latest technologies available. This would help the manufacturer connect on a deeper level, and showcase product lines better than ever before.

Fast growing EV company

Joy eBike is committed to build a sustainable future through support and commitment. They are inspired by the vision in general to promote e-bikes in India, which has made riding more affordable, efficient and fun.

Joy Electric Scooter and Motorcycle
Joy Electric Scooter and Motorcycle

Considering competition is rife, Joy Electric strives to be a fast growing electric vehicle (EV) company in India. The company is looking to open new dealerships in other cities, and expand the operations. With new age companies trying to strengthen their foothold, it’s interesting to have an insight into the sales and network strategies of a new player in the market. This takes into consideration network, sales and product development strategies adopted.

Sales growth for electric scooters

All of this lays the groundwork to expand its reach beyond retail outlets based on experience gained by being among the first movers in terms of electric two-wheeler sales volumes. New dealerships helps the company increase its customer reach. At the same time, the company focuses on product developments including marketing initiatives, technological improvements, pricing strategy, etc.

Expansion of the Joy e-bike dealerships is going to give it additional strength as a strong brand in the market. The company is expecting to maintain its leadership position against other players. Buoyed by an impressive performance by motorcycles and electric scooters made it recent months, e-bike manufacturers are watching the market with intent.

Sneha Shouche, Chief Financial Officer- WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd said, “Penetrating new markets and connecting with customers has been the company’s ongoing endeavour. These two new dealerships in Assam are in line with our focus to strengthen our foothold in growing markets. As per our market study, Assam would become one of the leading states adopting sustainable mobility. The exclusive dealerships will help Joy e-bike in reaching out to more and more potential customers in the state as well as in entire north-eastern India.”

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