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Joy Electric Scooters, Motorcycles Get Internet Connected Features

Joy Electric Scooter
Joy Electric Scooter

JOY E-Connect app brings together connected tech to Joy e-bike electric scooter customers

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd (BSE Code: 538970) has now introduced JOY E-Connect. The cloud-based mobile app enhances overall riding experience. It’s compatible with the entire Joy e-bike product range. And can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Ensuring security and a smoother-riding experience, Joy E-Connect is laden with fantastic features like turning vehicles ON & OFF remotely through the mobile, navigation, battery percentage display, Geo- fence alerts, battery backup of the vehicle and estimated distance, along with raising alerts on battery voltage, and temperature, for a better-planned trip.

Smart dashboard display

Vehicle dashboard displays details related to trip analytics on a single screen. One can check info on total distance travelled, trip duration, geolocation status and over-speeding, and more. Rider behaviour analysis comes from data collected on speeding, number of breaks taken, frequent stopping, fatigued riding, etc. Environment protection data includes info an CO2 emission, and fuel cost saved per ride.

Joy E-connect will combine the ecosystem of exciting features and offerings from across the market, designed specifically to enhance the riding experience for every individual. The user app connects with your device and provides info about the ride in real time.

Joy E-Bikes Electric Motorcycles
Joy E-Bikes Electric Motorcycles.

This service (E-Connect application) is available from Google Play store or Apple App store. The app is part of the company’s mission to provide a seamless riding experience for customers. You can access personalized services which include providing you information about your vehicle, starting booking request, tracking device location in real time, trip history logs and much more through this app in a simplest manner.

Smart tech and info

In line with Joy e-bikes vision of providing sustainable mobility solutions to customers, they are working towards making the vehicles smart and ensuring that they are technologically advanced to help optimize energy consumption, and convenience. And now individual riders will find it much easier to keep track of their vehicles in real time.

To achieve this, a combination of technologies is in use, and builds on the power of machine learning, and diagnostic evaluations. With smart tech that EVs afford, new age customers can be comfortable with their good and services.

To provide for a seamless experience, auto manufacturers are bringing together multiple aspects of vehicle purchase and ownership. This means customers can book appointments with service stations, take a vehicle to an auto shop for diagnostics and necessary services. It eliminates the hassle of having to look for service stations, and all that will be visible is a list of service centres that are available.

All you will need to do is select one and schedule an appointment. It ensures that you don’t have to waste time looking around just to find a station in your area. The user interface is simple and intuitive with a minimalistic design, which makes it easy and quick to use.

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