Kamothe toll plaza vandalised

The new toll plaza on Sion-Panvel road was set in motion on Monday midnight. It was on Tuesday morning at 4.50 am that around 25-30 activists arrived in several cars and showed protested against toll collection by breaking the glass windows of three booths.

Sion Panvel Kharghar exit
File photo: Toll Naka at Kamothe being opposed

Toll booth operators were caught unaware and vacated the booths while they watched helplessly as the vandals broke glass, smashed window panes and caused much damage to the toll booth. The entire series of events and images of the cars have been captured on CCTV cameras installed at the toll plazas even as the vandals sped away into the darkness before the police could arrive. However, the accused have been identified and subsequently arrested.Police teams from Kalamboli, Kamothe and Kharghar have been deployed at the two toll booths so as to deter any further incidents of this sort.

Later in the morning, there were major traffic snarls along the Sion Panvel highway on both lanes as many motorists were caught unawares at this sudden toll collection and were seen arguing with toll staff. Staff at the booths had to let many motorists pass without payment so as to ease the traffic situation which led to meager collection during the day. Citizens voiced their concern at the Government that builds five lane roads to ease traffic and then comes up with toll booths which causes them to wait 40 minutes between Kharghar and Kamothe defeating the very purpose.