Kashyap Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd Noida showroom opens

It has been over two decades since Chrysler announced its plans to enter the Indian market, and if everything goes right, Chrysler will be Fiats lifeline in the Asian sub continent. When it first expressed its desire to enter into the Indian market to introduce the Jeep Cherokee, talks with Mahindra& Mahindra didn’t pan out leaving Chrysler to look elsewhere. Chryslers Jeep brand would be very well appreciated by individuals in India.

As Chrysler mulls over getting its feet wet in the Indian car market, Fiat could greatly benefit in the process. However, taking into consideration the current day growth and economic woes plaguing the Indian car market, its not appropriate to assume just yet that Chrysler could be to Fiat as JLR is to Tata Motors. During 2012, Fiat wasn’t doing quite well in the market and it seems they had benefitted better when Fiat and Tata Motors signed an alliance with each other. Though the signing of the alliance did reflect on sales figures to a great extent, Fiat hopes that the the Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models will do their bit for the company and help them get to a respectable position in the market.

These models will be introduced during the end of 2013 and Chrysler hopes to bring in two more models in 2015 and ’16. A refreshed Linea, Punto and an SUV model are the main blocks of the Fiat line-up for next three to four years, which makes it clear that it’s depending on Chrysler to fill in and help consolidate its position it has in India. Today, FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt.Ltd., ( FGAIPL ) inaugurated their Noida dealership and workship, Kashyap Fiat, at C-18, Noida Phase II.

This is FIAT’s 1st exclusive dealership in NCR and 2nd Fiat establishment after Fiat Cafe. The 4,000 sq ft state of the art Noida showroom was inaugurated by MD of FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Enrico Atanasio. Kashyap Group has 25 years automobile dealerships trade experience. The Fiat India showroom will retail the Linea sedan and Punto hatchback alongwith their Absolut editions.

Mr. Enrico Atanasio, had this to say, “FIAT India views Noida as a very strategic market and the inauguration of an exclusive dealership is in accordance with our strategy to capitalise on this potential. We are confident that our association with the Kashyap Group will play a crucial role in identifying the customer base and enhancing customer experience in Noida. With Kashyap Group, we are associated with a partner who has more than 25 years of experience and market knowledge of the automobile trade in NCR, in India and abroad.”

Mr. Rajinder Kashyap, founder and Chairman, Kashyap Group said, “FIAT cars are prominent all over India for their performance and their aesthetic design. We are extremely proud to become exclusive dealers of FIAT Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd in Noida and we are confident of replicating world class dealership experience to the car buyers here”.