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Kawasaki Ninja crashes into a parked car at high speed

Images details sent by readers in Pune show a crashed Kawasaki Ninja 650 sportsbike. The badly mangled remains of the Ninja 650 are a result of a high speed late night crash. As per the reader who shared these images, the crash took place near New Cafe India on NIBM road in Pune.

The rider was apparently at a speed of over 150 kmph (Ninja 650 has a claimed top speed of 210 kmph) when he crashed the bike into the car. Riding at such high speed, the rider apparently failed to notice a parked car on the road. Which resulted in the crash. Beloare are some images from the crash.

The reader, who was there at the time of the accident, reveals that there were two kids who were inside the car. The impact of the crash was such that the kids inside the car were also injured. Luckily for the rider, he was wearing protective gear, which saved him. Thanks to government of India’s new rule which promotes people to help accident victims, the rider and the two kids were immediately taken to a nearby hospital. All three have survived the accident and are getting medical care in the hospital.

Last year, Government of India issued a series of guidelines protecting those who come to the aid of road accident victims. These good Samaritans were earlier bogged with various legal and procedural formalities due to which they feigned from doing their duty. The guidelines are clear, but it is now upto the state governments to ensure that these guidelines are followed.

Government of India guidelines have been issued by Supreme Court of India and are based on petitions filed by SaveLIFE Foundation. SaveLIFE Foundation is a Delhi based NGO with a vision to improve road safety. The guidelines indicate that no personal information of the Samaritan will be required when they bring injured to hospitals or make calls asking for assistance. They will not be held accountable and neither will the person concerned face any departmental action. The guideline also indicates that lack of response from a doctor on duty in charge of emergency will be held liable for action.

Over the past ten years, India saw a total of 46 lakh persons seriously injured or disabled in road accidents. During the same period, 12.02 lakh persons got killed due to road accidents, out of which, 50% could have been saved had they received timely medical assistance. The survey also estimates that 3 out of every 4 persons on the road are likely to shy away from coming to the aid of these injured persons leading to higher death rate.

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Private hospitals that refuse any form of medical aid in such cases unless a certain amount of money is first deposited will be penalized. It is response to this that the new guidelines dictate that Samaritans taking victims to hospitals need not wait for police to arrive. They will not be compelled to reveal personal details and will not be a part of the medico-legal case while reward or compensation to persons carrying accident victims to hospitals is also advised.

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