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Kawasaki Z 900 (Z1) celebration of 40 years


Kawasaki is known all over the world for its exquisite and superb sport machines which have dominated race circuits then and now. Today nearly 40 years after the Z1 made its impression on the world, the Z 900 is still a coveted possesion. It was introduced in the market in 1972 and is one of the most coveted classic motorcycles ever till date. To celebrate this achievement and 40 years of the Z 900, Z900.us  presents the 2013 calendar, which will feature pictures of specimens of this bike all over the world. These pictures will also include customized Z900 bikes owned by individuals.

Apart from these celebrations, Kawasaki featured at the 15th edition of the Salon Moto Legende. With an ongoing stream of footfalls, visitors included many of those who were instrumental in developing this bike during its initial years. The entire range of the 500 H1 and Generation Z will be on display. At the expo individuals were able to buy parts and accessories for their beloved machines and if they are interested they can buy bikes on display for a price.

A 90 SS used by Steve Mcqueen in the Le Mans film was also on display at the 2012 Salon Moto Legende. The event was a spot for Kawasaki enthusiasts and racing enthusiasts to meet and exchange views about the good old days and prepare themselves for the models of the future from this notable marquee.


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