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Kawasaki Z125 modified into ‘Baby Ninja H2’ – Cost Rs 9 lakh

This Kawasaki Z125 ‘Baby Ninja H2’ modification was done by Pleasure MC, Japan

Thanks to some brilliant products over the years, there is a massive community of motorcycle enthusiasts and riders across the globe. The art of riding (or driving for that matter) is way beyond the concept of getting from Point A to Point B. As a wise person once said, “It is the journey that counts and not the destination”. In the world of motorcycles, customisations play an important role as well. Automotive customisation or modification is best done when there is a perfect balance between form (aesthetics) and function (mechanics).

However, a general trend observed among ‘customisation studios’ is the focus shift towards attaining the best looks by cutting corners on the mechanical side. Proper enthusiasts have got a harsher term to depict such acts but for the moment, let us consider such works as ‘tasteless examples’. Here is a Kawasaki Z125 Pro that has been customised to look like a ‘Baby Ninja H2’ of all things.

Pleasure MC, a customisation shop based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan is the brains behind the project. The team has basically taken a Kawasaki Ninja H2 for reference and has scaled down its body components to over 40 custom-made FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) parts. The final output looks weird and disproportionate but could have been even worse if the H2 did not exist in the first place.

Kawasaki Z125 Baby Ninja H2
Kawasaki Z125 modified as Baby Ninja H2

The original Kawasaki Ninja H2 itself stands apart from every other ‘super sports’ motorcycle with its edgy aesthetics. Pleasure MC has worked hard to bring the donor Z125 Pro as close as possible to the real deal and if we look at the custom parts individually, there is some space for appreciation. Plus, the metallic Navy Blue paint job with gold inserts looks neat.

The dummy supercharger box, trellis frame and twin-outlet muffler might get on the nerves of hardcore H2 fans while its ‘all-show; no-go’ approach disturbs true motorcycle enthusiasts. To put things into perspective, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro makes close to 15bhp and 10Nm from its 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder motor. The ‘Mini Naked’ Kawasaki comes with just a 4-speed transmission. It is a good choice in the category it plays (e.g. A1 licence class in Europe).

On the other hand, the insane Kawasaki Ninja H2 is powered by a supercharged 998cc liquid-cooled inline-four engine that churns out about 210bhp and 134Nm of torque. Its track-only sibling, Ninja H2R generates more than 320bhp while screaming at over 14,000rpm. Clearly, either motorcycle is in two different worlds like a mortal and God. However, those who wish to narrow that gap can approach Pleasure MC with 1,250,000 Japanese Yen (or roughly Rs 9 lakh) — the donor Z125 is included in the package.

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