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Keanu Reeves revs Arch Motorcycles to EICMA 2017

Arch Motorcycles came onto being with the KRGT-1 in 2015. The project came into fruition as a performance motorcycle presented by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger. The limited volume productions now have an expanded lineup after its showing at – a revised 2018 KRGT-1, all-new Arch 1S, and there’s a Method 143.

Arch Motorcycles is an extension of idea Keanu Reeves wanted to build on after Gard Hollinger built him a custom bike. The revised 2018 KRGT-1 has a new-ish look and adheres Euro IV norms, so business can be expanded to Europe. Since these are custom bikes, things only get better by quite simply being able to incorporate elements that are possible as opposed to volume retail models where cost economy determines accessory and parts inclusion, and necessity. You’re looking at a worked upon suspension setup, and improved brakes on a 124ci/2032cc American V-Twin engine for power riding and long distance comfort in one power package, with ABS as optional.

The single-sided swing arm Arch 1s brings more sportiness to what is a plush luxury cruiser. It’s sporty, with an aggressive riding position with plenty of race inspired cruiser elements, including carbon fibre parts and CNC-machined aluminum, and carbon fibre 7-spoke BST wheels.

Arch Method 143 is even more exclusive,and there’ll be 23 units on offer. Power comes from a 143ci/2343cc V-twin S&S engine for high torque output. Performance output and its MotoGP race appeal is bolstered with a titanium exhaust, and carbon fibre elements in the muffler cans. The Öhlins FRGT fork and shock absorbers are attuned to maximise performance. A superbly modern style input brings the seat and tank together without any clear breaks making it seem like one single element. Suter Industries has machined the carbon fibre covered single-sided swingarm. BST wheels takes charge of the bespoke carbon fibre turbine wheels.

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