Kerala biker on a Saddlesore 1600 kms in 24 hrs challenge, dies in an accident near Chitradurga

21 year old engineering student from Kerala, Midhun Khosh M S died on the spot.

Midhun Khosh M S, a final year engineering student from Nehru Engineering College in Pampady, Kerala, was killed in a tragic accident while he attempting to ride 1600 kms in under 24 hours. The accident took place at about 4 AM when Midhun was near Chitradurga. He collided into the rear of a truck, which came to a stop suddenly. The truck did not have functioning tail lights, which resulted in Midhun colliding into the truck at high speed. He was riding a Honda CBR250R Repsol Edition.

Soon local police was informed, who arrived at the spot. The truck driver had escaped. By around 7 AM, police called Midhun’s family to give the news about his death. To Midhun’s family, this came as a shock as he had not informed his family about his endurance race attempt.

Midhun had left home a day before, saying that he is going to Coimbatore to buy some things related to his Final Year engineering project. Instead, he had other plans. He even went Live on his Instagram account and posted updates. He even mentioned that he was riding behind schedule as there was too much traffic.

An avid and experienced young biker, Midhun was not a newbie when it came to biking. He had successfully completed many road trips in the past, including a 1000 km trip done earlier this year. He always wore an helmet and required safety gear.

But attempting to ride over 1600 kms in under 24 hours on Indian roads, is nothing less than doing a Blue Whale Challenge. No matter how well you are prepared, there is always some danger that is lurking around the corner. You can discipline yourself, train to stay awake for 24 hours and ride all through. But there are so many other factors. If not the trucks, or cars that are being driven at rashly, we also have humans, cattles, potholes, bumps, and many such things to kill you on our roads.

For those who are not aware, Saddlesore is a certified challenge from Iron Butt Association, which is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Formed in 1982, the association is also registered in India as Iron Butt India.

Speaking about the Saddlesore 1000 challenge, in this challenge, the participating biker has to complete 1000 miles (1609.34 kms) in under 24 hours. In return, he or she gets their name listed in a list on their website. They also have many more such challenges – 2500 kms in 36 hours, 2500 in 24 hours. Looking at these numbers, these challenges are more of endurance races, rather than road trips.

Thousands of bikers from around the world attempt IBA challenges every year. Some succeed, many don’t. There are about 250 bikers from India who are on their list. Most of these have received their certificate by riding on the Bangalore – Mumbai highway. This is the same highway Midhun was riding on when the accident took place. He got to know about the challenge from a senior who had successfully completed the challenge, and got inspired to do the same.