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Kia Sonet Repaired For Free After It Was Crashed By Dealer Staff

In another case associated with Kia Sonet in Jaipur, dealership had offered a brand-new car instead of repairing

Kia Sonet Repaired For Free
Kia Sonet Repaired For Free

For any manufacturer, registering good sales is very important, if they are to survive in today’s cut-throat competition. That said, after-sales service should play an even more important role. A customer brings his or her car to a service station instead of a 3rd party garage due to a certain trust.

That trust is often breached by service personnel by mishandling customers’ cars or even joyriding them for their personal use outside the service center. We recently saw a Tata Nexon EV being mishandled by service personnel when it fell off a ramp in Hyderabad.

Before that, we saw a Kia Sonet crash during service and then later dealer staff shifted the blame to a made-up cow. The customer’s car in Jaipur was later replaced with a brand-new model as well. That is not the same outcome for a Sonet customer in Odisha whose car was mishandled as well. Let’s take a look.

Kia Sonet Rammed Into Pole

A Kia Sonet owner from Odisha recently approached YouTuber Nikhil Rana regarding mishandling of his car by service personnel. Rana publicized the issue which gained some traction on behalf of the owner. Take a look at the video below.

The incident that happened at Jaipur, happened in absence of the owner inside service center premises and CCTV footage was revealed after some tussle. Tata Nexon EV owner from Hyderabad was absent during the incident and CCTV footage was not provided. But in this case, there was no need for CCTV footage as the incident happened right before the owner’s eyes.

He mentioned that the service was over except for wheel alignment and service personnel manoeuvred his car in overconfidence and rammed into a pole. Right before the owner’s eyes. There was a lot of damage to the front of Sonet with the right side fender and bonnet damaged as well. Even the radiator is reportedly damaged.

Kia Sonet Repaired For Free

Initially, Kia dealership insisted the Sonet owner on claiming the insurance to repair the damages. Owner refused and reached multiple social media platforms for support. After that, Kia dealership in question, agreed to repair the car without a tab on the owner.

Kia Sonet crashed by dealer staff when it was in for service
Kia Sonet crashed by dealer staff when it was in for service

Unlike the Jaipur event, where the owner was provided with a new car, here the dealership sponsored to repair the car on their tab. Reason quoted for this was that the Jaipur incident had a lot more damage and hence was given a new car.

Owner has now received his car, fully repaired in just 4 days since the crash. He hasn’t been provided with a list of parts installed (reportedly) and has been offered one year of extended warranty. Kudos to Kia India dealer for fixing the car for free. Hopefully they will not crash any more customer cars, and if they do, will not wait for the story to go viral before fixing the issue.

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