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Kia Sonet, Seltos New Price List Jan 2021 – Increase Up To Rs 20k Ex Sh, Rs 70k On Road

New Kia Sonet
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Kia Motors India reports sales growth in December 2020, and revises price points for MY21 cars

Kia Motors India reported December wholesales at 11,818 units. That’s stupendous growth of 154.42 percent from wholesales reported at 4,645 units a year earlier. Volume gain stood at 7,173 units. MoM sales decline is reported at 43.78 percent, down from 21,022 units.

Volumes declined by 9,204 units. On the sales front, it appears December is traditionally a low sales period for Kia. This could be owing to annual scheduled maintenance but this hasn’t been confirmed by the company.

Kia Sales Dec 2020 - YoY vs MoM
Kia Sales Dec 2020 – YoY vs MoM

Alongside sales spurt, there’s another key concern that’s gotten everyone’s curiosity. In early December 2020, it was ascertained that Kia Motors India is prepped for a price hike wef January 1, 2020. And that this was to be substantial, and to be communicated at a later date. Well later is here now. And the ex sh price hike is in the range of 1k to 20k depending on vehicle and variant. There’s also those that aren’t going to be any pricier in the new year.

Change in On-road prices up to Rs 70k

Though ex-sh price hike is only up to Rs 20k, bump in ex-sh prices is up to Rs 70k, depending on vehicle price slab and taxes in the respective State. For example, HTX Diesel MT entails a price hike of 20k on 2020 ex-sh price. It now shifts from the under Rs 10 lakh slab to above Rs 10 lakh bracket. This increases tax percentage. Add to this registration cost of Rs 39,662 as 12.5 percent for Delhi Registration. Vehicle TCS (tax collected at source) is Rs 7,642. Insurance cost is also increased. Total cost adds up to Rs 68,504. So on and so forth for the entire range.

Kia Sonet, Seltos New Prices - Jan 2021
Kia Sonet, Seltos New Prices – WEF Jan 2021

2021 Kia Sonet variants and price

Sonet was launched just in time for the 2019 festive season. The move saw Kia’s sales soar. And now Sonet is listed at a slightly higher price. Sonet petrol G 1.2 litre range entails the least price hike. 8k for HTE, which means the new price is Rs 6.79 lakhs ex sh. HTK and HTK+ are now costlier by 10k at Rs 7.69 lakhs, and Rs 8.55 lakhs, respectively. All Petrol turbo (G1.0T) variants will be retailed at previous price points starting at Rs 9.49 lakhs for HTK+ variant, up to Rs 12.99 lakhs, ex sh for the 1.0T GTX+DT (7DCT) variant.

Sonet diesel range entails a flat 20k price hike. The range begins at a price point of Rs 8.25 lakhs for HTE variant, and goes up to Rs 13.19 lakhs for the range topping GTX + DT 6AT variant.

Sonet P 1.0, 6iMT, Ex-shNew Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
HTX+ DT11.7511.750
GTX+ DT12.0912.090
Sonet P 1.0, 7DCT, Ex-shNew Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
GTX+ DT12.9912.990
Sonet D 1.5L, 6 MT, Ex-shNew Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
HTX+ DT11.9511.7520k
GTX+ DT12.2912.0920k
Sonet D 1.5L, 6AT, Ex-shNew Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
GTX+ DT13.1912.9920k

2021 Kia Seltos variants and price

Kia Seltos price revision is in the range of 10k-11k for the most part. Of the Seltos petrol 1.5G variants, HTE continues to be retailed at Rs 9.89 lakhs. HTK and HTK+ are costlier by 10 grands at Rs 10.59 lakhs, and 11.69 lakhs, respectively. The remainder of the range is pricier by 11 grands. New prices are as follows – Rs 13.35L for HTX, Rs 13.86L for HTX AE, Rs 14.45 L for HTX (IVT), and Rs 14.86 L for HTX AE (IVT).

Seltos petrol 1.4L Turbo variants – GTX+ DCT, and GTX+ DCT Dual Tone continue to be retailed without a price revision at Rs 17.29 L, and Rs 17.49 L, respectively. GTX+ and GTX+ Dual Tone price revision is capped at 10k. Revised prices are Rs 16.49L, and Rs 16.69 lakhs respectively. GTX is costlier by 11 grands at Rs 15.65 L, ex sh Delhi.

Seltos P 1.5New Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
HTK +11.6911.5910k
HTX IVT14.4514.3411k
Seltos P 1.4New Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
GTX +16.4916.3910k
GTX+ DT16.6916.5910k
GTX + DCT17.2917.290
GTX+ DCT DT17.4917.490
Seltos D 1.5New Price Jan 2021Old Price Rs LakhDiff
HTK +12.7912.6910k
HTK+ AT13.7913.6910k
HTX AE14.9614.8510k
HTX +15.5915.4910k
HTX+ DT15.7915.6910k
HTX + AT16.5916.4910k
HTX + AT DT16.7916.6910k
GTX + AT17.4517.3411k
GTX + AT DT17.6517.5411k

Seltos diesel 1.5L HTK price is untouched at Rs 11.69 lakhs, ex sh. HTE is costlier by 1,000 bucks at Rs 10.35 lakhs. Price variance for Seltos diesel HTK+, HTK+ AT, HTX+, HTX+ Dual Tone, HTX+ AT, and HTX+ AT Dual Tone is Rs 10,000. Revised price points are as follows – Rs 12.79 L, Rs 13.79 L, Rs 15.59 L, Rs 15.79 L, Rs 16.59 L, and Rs 16.79 L, respectively. The remainder of variants are pricier by 11k. Revised price of Seltos diesel HTX is Rs 14.55 L, HTX AE at Rs 14.96 L, GTX+ AT at Rs 17.45 L, and GTX+ AT Dual tone at Rs 17.65 L, ex sh, Delhi.

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