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Kimi Raikkonen says “It will be very hard on the cars”, Malaysian GP 2014

In reference to Scuderia’s Australian performance, Kimi said, “Obviously, it was not the ideal start to the year for the team, not what we wanted to achieve.” “However, after all the small difficulties we experienced in many areas, at least we got something out of it in terms of points. It’s going to be a long year. Hopefully, we can now build on it. We have plenty of good people working flat out as a group to improve things. I am sure we will keep making progress.”

“Obviously, every circuit is different, it’s very hot and humid here and we have different tyres for the first time. It will be very hard on the cars. So I have no idea what to expect, but even in the past that was the case that it was difficult to say from race to race. Hopefully, we will have a bit better feeling and with the experience we gained at the first race, things should run more smoothly and we can aim for a better result.”

Raikkonen further added, “From a driving point of view I don’t think it’s awfully different to last year’s cars, apart from some small details.” “For me the bigger difference is being in a different team, as each team builds a different car.” Regarding his relationship with Fernando Alonso he said, “It is good and it’s always been good,” said Kimi. “Our joint aim is to work together to improve things and get the team where we want to be.”

Fernando Alonso too began official duties today for the Malaysian GP, and spoke about how his 2012 race here (from 9th on the grid to win) is not easy to repaet. He said, “That’s something you only see once in life,” Regarding the “new F1”, he said, “I think we need to give more time to see how the races are and how the show is and how the people react to this new Formula 1.” “There was a lot of talk before the Australian race about how exciting this new Formula 1 would be and how many cars will finish, maybe zero! When 15 cars finish and there are not many problems and not many overtakings, that was not what the fans expected..”

“In our case, we need to see how the next races go in terms of our own performance to learn how we can quickly develop the car to be in better shape. In Australia we were not happy with the performance we showed and we need to improve as quickly as possible.”

He added, “I believe we can fight for the championship,” “We have more potential than we showed in Australia. We need to put everything in place and then we will have a better weekend. The team has the facilities and the talent to do a very good job. We can be strong and we will do better, I’m sure. It’s not been a perfect start. It seems like a repetition of the last couple of years, but these are different rules and a different rate of development applies. Our hopes are perfectly intact.”

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