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Kinetic Luna Electric Launch Soon – Chassis Production Starts

Primary target should be B2B companies for the 2023 Kinetic Luna in an electric guise with around 70 km of range

2023 Kinetic Luna Electric Launch
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Remember the Luna moped? A 50cc moped that was extremely popular once? Rings a bell, doesn’t it? In fact, it was so popular that people started calling every other moped, a Luna. Like every scooter is a scooty in India or every ladder frame car is a Jeep or every Royal Enfield is a Bullet and every photocopying machine is Xerox.

Such was the pull of Luna back in the day. It was manufactured by Kinetic Group in India with a 50cc engine. It was frugal, practical and aided a lot of small families and business owners alike. There was a time when Luna would sell around 2,000 units a day, making it the most popular Moped in India with prices starting at Rs. 2,000 back in the day.

2023 Kinetic Luna Electric

It was in production since 1972 and after 50 years of its inception, Kinetic Group has announced a revival of this iconic moped legend with a twist. The twist is that it will only be offered in an EV guise. It won’t be priced at just Rs. 2000, though. Let’s take a look.

Fast forward to December 2022, there is a monopoly in moped market by TVS right now. With XL100 being the only ICE moped in the country, it sells around 30K to 40K units per month. Kinetic Group is not planning to revive Luna as is with its 50cc engine. Instead, Luna is set to be an electric vehicle.

2023 Kinetic Luna Electric - E Luna chassis production starts
2023 Kinetic Luna Electric – E Luna chassis production starts

There are a lot of electric scooters springing up regularly that are solely targeted at the B2B sector. Even Honda is in the line to launch EVs for the B2B sector. A recent patent of an electric moped has surfaced and Benly-e test mules are getting prevalent as well. The time is now for Kinetic Group to revive its iconic Luna moped in India.

2023 Luna Moped will be manufactured by Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, a sister brand of Kinetic Group. Kinetic Engineering Limited has even commenced production of chassis and subassemblies as well. Kinetic is setting a separate assembly line for Luna electric at a production capacity of 5K units per month. As per the announcement, it will likely be called E-Luna upon launch.

Kinetic E-Luna – What To Expect?

For 2023 Luna electric, Kinetic seems to be betting big. The company has installed 30 new welding machines in its new assembly line, and is kept exclusive for upcoming Luna. Even the paint shop and fabrication shops have been upgraded at the company’s manufacturing plant in Ahmednagar.

Technical specs are not yet known. That said, Kinetic is sure to play the affordability card and design the product accordingly. This should definitely appeal to the target audience. A relatively small and purposeful moped with a range of around 70 km should suffice for intended use. More details will be revealed further down the line. Kinetic E-Luna launch price expected to be under Rs 50,000.

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