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All You Need to Know About Car Servicing

Even though the body of your car looks completely fine from outside, but it remembers every pothole and curb that it crosses in your day to day driving. Therefore, it is recommended to go for car service regularly so that your car does not lose its vital body parts such as engine, brake, gear, etc. early. A car service is as well needed when your car meets with an accident; however, in such cases, car insurance in Dubai bears significant expenditures required to repair the vehicle. And if you haven’t got your insurance done, you can checkout online insurance plans at Policybazaar UAE site.

There is a situation when one forgets or ignores car service until he/she encounters any or all of the below conditions:

• Car starts moving in a different direction than the steering.
• Unpleasant smell starts coming from the car when trying to start car’s engine.
• Penetrating or knocking noise from the car while driving.
• Drop off in car mileage.
• Difficulty in stopping the car.

If you have come across any of these issues or all, it is mandatory to opt for car insurance. However, for the best lifespan of a car, it is suggested to avoid these situations mentioned above and go for car service on a regular basis. There are three major types of car services available in an excellent car workshop. The mechanics of the workshop will be able to suggest you the most suited car service for your car:

1. Engine oil and filter service: Most of the times a drop off in the fuel efficiency of your car calls for an engine oil and filter service. Moreover, emission of black fumes or noxious gases from car also indicates the ailing condition of your car’s engine. However, try to avoid encountering such situations by getting regular engine check and time to time oil change and filter replacement/cleaning. But, if you come across any such symptoms, book an appointment with your nearest car garage and get your engine oil and filter service done.

2. Intermediate or interim service: This service is recommended for the cars that cover more miles per year such as 20,000 miles or above in a year. The drivers of such vehicles are requested to get the service of their vehicle twice in a year. In this service, all the vital parts such as tires, lights, hoses, engine, power steering, brake, a battery of your car, etc. are checked. If any of these parts are found faulty, it is repaired or replaced according to the requirement.

3. Full car service: This is most extensive car service that includes complete car check. It is recommended to opt for full car service once in a year. Every part of your car is checked including exhaust, engine, wheels for balancing and alignment, brakes, battery, clutch, etc. A necessary action against the ailing parts is taken, and it is made sure that your car is fit to run.

A question that anyone can ask at this time is what should be the frequency of service? Or how often should I service my car? Well, the answer to this question is – you should refer your car’s manual to be precise. Generally, the owner manuals of the vehicle have specifications for service. Most of the times, it is found that Asian cars need servicing more often than German cars. It is found that a vehicle of an Asian manufacturer needs servicing after every 5000 Kilometers, whereas a German car requires car servicing after 15,000 Kilometers.

However, car servicing also depends upon the condition of your car or when your car meets with an accident. It is seen that even a small car accident can result in an issue with alignment of the wheels of your vehicle and hence you may need car service. In any of the situations when your car meets with an accident, motor insurance works as a boon. Car insurance in Dubai benefits you in so many ways. So, it is always a good idea to opt for reasonable insurance policy from one of the recognized insurance companies in UAE. You can compare many car insurances online on a web insurance aggregator’s website like Policy Bazaar UAE and purchase the best car insurance in UAE.

If you are wondering from where to get the car servicing done? It is suggested to get few initial services from car manufacturer’s authorized service center if you have purchased a new car. Generally, most of the brands of the cars offer three years servicing contractor very pocket-friendly car service packages. Moreover, you must keep an eye on your car warranty as it may void if you have not get it repaired by your authorized dealer.
If you have purchased a second-hand car, which is not under any warranty, you can go for engine and oil service or interim car service at any good service station. However, for full service, you should consider going to the service center of the dealer, or a good independent garage, or your car’s brand-specific workshop.


Car servicing can improve the overall efficiency of a car. It is imperative to get it done timely if you want your car to be in good shape and condition. It is a small investment that you need to make to increase the life of your car. So, if you think you have given it miss this time. Go; get it done as soon as possible.

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