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Know your rights when car is damaged while towing

Know your rights when car damaged while towing

Car owners should be well aware of their rights in the event of their car being damaged while towing. The owners must know that the towing company is liable for damages to the vehicle and car owner can claim compensation as per a ruling passed by the Mumbai High Court 9 years ago.

This court order also came with a rule that a police constable was needed to provide a written order to the towing company to allow them to either disengage the gear or hand brake in order to tow away the vehicle.

Know your rights when car damaged while towingYou might remember the story posted on Rush Lane on 21st Feb, about how towing operators are trying to open the door or a wrongly parked car, while traffic cop looked on. The authorities do not have the correct equipment to tow the vehicle and nor are they aware of the right way for it to be done. The end result is that they end up damaging the vehicle with the hapless citizens having to bear the brunt in more ways than one. This video has raised angry reactions from car owners who have expressed their concerns and shock at the way in which police and towing operators handle their vehicles.

Senior traffic officials have admitted to the fact that they use a ruler to release the hand brake from a car blocking the traffic or parked in the wrong place. Ideally hydraulic cranes should be used as they cause least amount of damage, but these are in short supply in Mumbai. Transport expert Ashok Datar has offered suggestion to tackling this problem while citizens have come up with suggestions to deal with this situation with the introduction of hefty fines and exorbitant towing charges as the only deterrent.

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