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Komaki Electric Motorcycle, Scooter Production Increased To Meet Demand

Komaki Electric Motorcycle
Komaki Electric Motorcycle

Komaki increases production to 8.5k units per month to meet festive demand in Delhi NCR market

The brand is now gearing up to meet demand through increased production of its flagship electric two-wheelers. Following inception in 2016, the company has since then zeroed in on the burgeoning Indian market wherein volumes are expected to touch higher numbers in the next 5 years.

Komaki has been in the business of designing and manufacturing electric vehicles for a substantial period now. With much being weaned through modern day R&D, Komaki has set its sights on being one of the fastest growing electric vehicle makers.

Given its recent sales growth figures, Komaki could make for an an enviable growth story. Electric two-wheeler manufacturers are working overtime to build market knowhow, which in turn would bring in more customers.

As such, its difficult for a fairly new company to be a household name. Nevertheless, the focus is on manufacturing products that are synonymous with quality, integrity and the trust of a reputed brand.

Komaki Electric Vehicles
Komaki Electric Vehicles

Komaki production capacity

Newly launched models have been a major contributor to the overall growth of Komaki. With an array of vehicles catering to varied customer needs, Komaki has successfully penetrated the Indian market. Apart from revenues, the company takes pride in building a base of ardent admirers in the process.

In a bid to mark its position as one of India’s leading names in electric vehicles, Komaki is keen on sales growth. For 2021, Komaki has already reported sales of 21k units. Dealership count will be increased to 500. The number stands at 300 currently. Production is being increased by 4k units a month from the current 4.5k to 8.5k units. This will help meet demand increase in Delhi NCR markets.

Technology behind the automaker’s products is based on advanced battery systems that can be recharged within short time periods by a wide range of sources. This makes it possible to maximally utilize reduced energy and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. To date, Komaki has seen sales and manufacturing increase to meet market demand. This has been possible on the back of processes developed over the years to unveil new innovations for the Indian market.

Komaki Evs for sustainable commuting

Komaki electric two-wheelers has strived to develop on a modern take of what such a product should be. Undoubtedly, this is a very useful proposition for city dwellers and budget users who need to travel more frequently than their peers. As such, Komaki is expanding its footprint in India at a rapid pace The brand has already launched a growing range of two-wheeler models in India.

Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division says “all these focused endeavours are to make sure, that Komaki is able to live up to the expectations of the Indian population, especially during the joyful period of festivals. Komaki has pledged to pursue this long standing partnership with its dear customers and by means of that prioritise a sustainable way of commutation in India.”

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