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Komaki XGT-X1 Electric Scooter Sales Crosses 25,000

Komaki Electric Scooter Sales
Komaki Electric Scooter

This e-scooter is priced at less than Rs 60,000 for the Lithium ion battery variant and under Rs 45,000 for the Gel battery

Komaki Electric Vehicles states that its XGT-X1 electric scooter is now the most affordable scooter in the country. First launched in June 2020, a recent price cut now sees this scooter priced at Rs 60,000 for the lithium-ion battery version and at under Rs 45,000 for the Gel battery.

Offering a range of upto 120 kms per charge in Eco mode, Komaki claims that their XGT-X1 is the most economical scooter of which the company has sold 25,000 units to date. Komaki XGT-X1 is offered with a warranty of 2+1 (1-year service warranty) years for its lithium-ion batteries and 1 year for the lead-acid battery pack.

Best in Class Features

Ideally suited for both urban and semi urban buyers in India, Komaki XGT-X1 comes in with a range of features, some of which are best in class. It gets a big seat that is comfortable for two along with a large trunk for multiple storage options. It also receives a smart dashboard, sensors for remote diagnosis of the scooter and remote lock.

Telescopic front suspension, a synchronized braking system and anti-theft locking are also a part of the features on the e-scooter while it rides on sized up BIS wheels. An Emergency Repair Switch allows the scooter to repair itself in the event of any problem. Komaki XGT-X1 also takes advantage of what is called an iQ system. This helps the dash display with multiple sensors of for self-diagnosis and wirelessly updatable features.

Komaki Dealer
Komaki Dealer

Komaki Models

Besides Komaki XGT-X1 electric scooter, the company also offers a range of 9 license exempted models and 3 high speed registration models. These models cater to a wide range of buyers in the country. Sales for 2021 have reached the 21,000 unit mark and dealership expansion is on the cards from a current 300 dealers to a 500 count. Production is also being increased by 4,000 units from a current 4,500 units to 8,500 units to meet this increased demand.

Each of the Komaki models are powered by electric only. These bikes price starts at Rs. 29,500 for Super and goes upto Rs. 99,000 for M-5. Komaki Xone and XGT KM and among the popular e-scooters in India.

Komaki also sells the Xone e-scooter at Rs 45,000. It is presented in a single STD variant and is powered by a 60V motor connected to a 20-30Ah lead acid battery claiming a range stands at 85km per charge with a battery charging time of 6-8 hours. It gets a full body crash guard for added protection and is offered in a single colour of Air Blue. The scooter uses telescopic fork in the front and shock absorber at the rear with stopping power via disc brake in the front and drum brake at the rear.

Komaki XGT KM STD is priced at Rs 42,500. It offers a range of 85 km per charge and rides on alloy wheels with disc and drum brakes at the front and rear respectively. The other bikes in the company lineup are the Komaki MX3 at Rs. 95,000, X2 Vogue priced at Rs. 47,000, TN-95 at Rs. 98,000, SE at Rs. 96,000, M-5 at Rs. 99,000 and XGT X5 priced from Rs. 72,500 – 90,500.

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