Kovai Singam wins 1st Motorcycle Endurance League (MEL) race promoted by Indian Motorcycle League

Kovai Singam won the first ever race of the Motorcycle Endurance League (MEL) at the Kari Motor Speedway (KMS) in Coimbatore. Harry Sylvester and Mathana Kumar, riding for Kovai Singam finished the 90 minute endurance race in 67 laps ahead of Delhi Dragonz (Satish Kumar & Padmanabhan) and Hyderabad High Riders (Vivek Pillai & Ramesh Kumar). Chennai Crackers were leading the race comfortably when they suffered a mechanical failure on Lap 55 with less than 15 minutes to go ending their chances of a victory.

Motorcycle_Endurance_LeagueThis was the first round for the MEL, which is promoted by the Indian Motorcycle League. Pre-season favourites Chennai Crackers qualified on pole with their star rider K Jagan setting the fastest time. Jagan started for the Chennai Crackers and pulled away from the chasing pack setting fastest lap after fastest lap. His team-mate Prakash SK took over from him and continued to lead before handing back to Jagan. Kovai Singam were in second place with Sylvester and and impressive Satish Kumar leading the charge for the Delhi Dragonz. Chennai Crackers pitted with a problem giving Kovai Singam the lead. Kovai Singam crossed the line in first place at the 90-minute mark ahead of Delhi Dragonz and Hyderabad High Riders in third place. The Pune Panthers team of Abhishek and Akash Chandra Mohan finished in 4th position while Chennai Crackers recovered to finish in 4th position.

Winning team Kovai Singam was thrilled to win the first race. Lead rider Harry Sylvester commented, “It was a very interesting race and different to how we normally race. Jagan and Chennai Crackers were too fast for us but due to their problem we got ahead. A big thank you to TVS Racing and the entire Singam team for all the hard work that they put in. Mathana and me both had good stints and I am happy to come out ahead.

In the Enduro 130 class PK Mithun Kumar finished ahead of Sebastian and Rama Krishnan while GA Sunil took the win in the Enduro 160 class. In the support race, the Orange class, G Rajaram won both races ahead of Antony Peter.


MEL Class (90 minutes):
1. Kovai Singam (Harry Sylvester, Madana Kumar)
2. Delhi Dragonz (Satish Kumar, Padmanaban)
3. Hyderabad High Riders (Vivek Pillai, Ramesh Kumar)

Championship points:
1. Delhi Dragonz 26
2. Kovai Singam 25
3. Hyderabad High Riders 19

Enduro 130 class:
1. P.K. Mithun Kumar
2. Sebastian
3. Rama Krishnan

Enduro 160 class:
1. G.A. Sunil
2. Akash P. Desai
3. Naresh Babu

Orange class (Support race):
Race 1:
1. G. Rajaram
2. E. Antony Peter
3. C. Dinesh

Race 2:
1. G. Rajaram
2. E. Antony Peter
3. Naveen Kumar



Pos No.NameLaps InLapLap Best TmDiffTotal TmTransponder
113 Team Chennai65121:19.3031:30:19.9036613289
214 Team Chennai64631:21.5371Laps1:31:20.7787218256
316 Team Mumbai64381:19.6101Laps1:32:10.5427420657
403 Team Kovai63181:20.9602Laps1:30:56.8187082812
501 Team Pune62591:19.1653Laps1:30:49.7927231867
609 Team Cochin62351:20.3613Laps1:31:00.1756653546
712 Team Bangalore62331:20.4503Laps1:31:37.0077261544
806 Team Delhi61311:20.1314Laps1:31:21.2616925563
905 Team Delhi57281:20.0398Laps1:30:49.7676672361
1008 Team Hyderabad55511:20.95310Laps1:31:44.7538334473
1104 Team Kovai45081:19.24920Laps1:30:16.3137238795
1211 Team Pune36271:19.15729Laps1:00:00.1456653532
1315 Team Bangalore32301:19.82233Laps47:04.9956313758
1415 Team Mumbai32031:20.31333Laps50:52.7706689049
1510 Team Cochin22051:20.64243Laps31:44.4627229060
1607 Team Hyderabad12011:20.94453Laps20:55.3878371244