Indian buys KR15HNA number plate for Rs 2.3 crores in the UK

For a London based Indian lady getting the number plate of her desire meant shelling out a sum of £233,000 or INR 2.3 crores.

KR15HNA number plate

This special number at this price may seem steel but it meant a lot to the lady as it appears to spell out the Hindu deity KRISHNA. While the lady in question has parted with this amount and received the number plate, what is surprising is that she does not even own a car.

The auction was conducted at the Casa Hotel and was conducted by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). Bidding commenced at £27,000 or INR 26.6 lakhs, while bidding continued steadily, till the lady in question bid £185,000 or INR 1.82 crores which could not be topped by anyone present any further. The final cost for the KR15HNA number plate went upto a final figure of £233,000 or INR 2.3 crores after taking into account commission to be paid to the auctioneer, VAT and other incidental charges.

While this purchase has set a record of sorts, it still cannot be compared to an Abu Dhabi based businessman who spent £7m or INR 70 crore on a unique number plate while he also owns a host of other high end cars.

KR15HNA number plate