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Kridn Electric Motorcycle Delivered To First Owners In Bangalore, Hyderabad

Kridn Electric Motorcycle
Kridn Electric Motorcycle

One Electric Kridn motorcycle deliveries are now underway in Hyderabad and Bangalore

Anticipation around One Electric’s new product has been high this year. And finally, the moment has arrived. The company has been able to begin deliveries of the Kridn electric motorcycle.

Though delayed owing to limitations and adaptations owing to Covid-19 pandemic, Kridn is now finally available for sale. The marketplace is an interesting one, and though electric scooters haven’t fared well in the current FY, the overarching goal of EV adaptation remains in place.

Within the electric two-wheeler space, most offerings are low speed scooters, and a decent and growing range of high speed e-scooters. Electric motorcycles are a rarity with only Revolt offering such a choice.

And, now there’s the One Electric Kridn. Initial deliveries are starting in Hyderabad and Bengaluru through distribution partners. Details fo the same can be found on the company website.

Kridn Electric Motorcycle
Kridn Electric Motorcycle

Smooth operations expected in 2021

One Electric claims Kridn is the ‘fastest 2 wheeler available on Indian roads today with a top speed of 95 Kmph’ (electric). Deliveries in Tamil Nadu and Kerala are scheduled to begin in January 2021. This will be followed by Maharashtra and Delhi NCR.

The company says Kridn is a localized motorcycle at upward of 80 percent, current protests in NCR, and skyrocketing raw material prices prove to be a challenge to smooth rollout. Furthermore, the company hadn’t ‘truly anticipated the challenges of supply chain management of a vehicle’. However, there’s good news now. Most bottlenecks have been addressed, and One Electric expects 2021 will be the year when smoother scaling up of operations is possible.

One Electric Kridn for exports

One Electric claims that Kridn motorcycle has generated interest from International clients. The company is in talks with various potential partners for South America, Africa and Middle East markets. Currently, the company is in advanced stages of talks to enter the Africa market. Taxi segment called Boda Boda in east Africa is a key focus area.

Trials are expected to begin in the next 3-4 months. Deliveries to export markets will begin once target rollout for India is achieved and streamlined. One Electric’s short term plans include being present in 3 continents by 2021 end.

Gaurav Uppal, CEO, One Electric said, “Hyderabad and Bengaluru have shown very high interest in pre bookings, therefore we have started from these cities. Dealer feedback from test rides shows that the customers are surprised at the excellent performance in speed and power coming from an electric motorcycle.

Customers are also happy about riding a powerful motorcycle without gears. The only part which requires explanation is how the total cost of ownership is actually lower than petrol vehicles. Therefore, Finance at low interest rates, will definitely play an important role in EV adoption.”

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